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Danni Tamburo is an American Actress ​ known for being the partner of Disney ​ child star, Adam Hicks ​ - the two of them were arrested in January 2018 for burglary. [1] [2]

Photo of Danni Tamburo with blonde hair.


Tamburo was born and raised in the state of Texas ​. She had most of her upbringing in the city of Austin. [3] [4]

She currently lives in the city of Los Angeles. She is the girlfriend of Disney ​ child actor, Adam Hicks ​. [5] [6]


Since she was a year-old she has been a part of the

Danni Tamburo with her boyfriend, Adam Hicks ​.

entertainment business. [7] ​ She appeared in TV Commercials at an early age, and later appeared in TV Shows such as Shameless. Tamburo has also made appearances as an actress in theatre. [8]

When she moved to Los Angeles, some of the first roles she received were in short films such as "Friends With No Benefits". She then went on to play a character named Ashlie Phillips for the TV Movie called, Becca on Call . [9]

She was in an independent film called “Project Puppies For Christmas” with John

The surveillance video that was released to the public of the robberies committed by Danni Tamburo.

Ratzenberger in a touching holiday movie. She was also in a feature film called, “Color Me You”, which was directed by Marco Bottoglieri. [10] [11]

Tamburo is a frequent collaborator with Dan Hewitt Owens ​ in the films, 1 Interrogation , 1 Dark Night , and #am/pm . [12 ]

Burglary Charges

In the early morning of January 24th, 2018, Danni Tamburo and her boyfriend, Adam Hicks ​ performed a total of four street robberies within minutes of each other. The robberies took place between Burbank Boulevard and Griffith Park Drive. [4]

In once instance, they were recorded by a surveillance camera from a nearby property. Hicks is seen pointing a gun at the victim, while Tamburo acts as the getaway driver.  All the victims described the Black SUV KIA, and all the victims were going out for a walk. [6]

The police drove to 1600 block of Scott Road where they found the car and detained a woman allegedly connected to one of the suspects. Officers found stolen property in the car.

Both Hicks and Tamburo are currently being held on $350,000 bail and are due in court Friday.

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