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Daniel Liebeskind

Daniel Liebeskind

Daniel Liebeskind is a software developer and entrepreneur specializing in building web, mobile and blockchain applications.

Software Development

Daniel has built several production web and mobile applications including Crypto Kastle, [undefined] FODMAP Buddy, [undefined] and SlackCryptoBot. [undefined] He is the co-founder of Decrypt[ed], [undefined] a software development and blockchain consulting shop.

Daniel is the lead developer and co-founder of Chestnut, an EOS-based blockchain application that won 2nd Place and Best UX at the EOS Global Hackathon in London. He also developed Nexeos at the EOS Hackathon in London.

Daniel co-founded and was the CEO of BODY App, a marketplace for fitness professionals to offer live and on-demand classes.

In addition to teaching live classes, instructors can host a library of on-demand video content, manage subscribers, and customize their own storefront page.

BODY App received funding from Y Combinator Fellowship in 2016. [undefined]

Early Career

Daniel began as summer intern in the Real Estate investment banking group with Lehman Brothers in 2008. After Lehman's bankruptcy, he was an investment banker in the Healthcare Group at Barclays Investment Bank (then known as Barclays Capital) in New York. Daniel joined Summit Partners, where he focused on healthcare technology investments. Daniel was recognized as the #1 Cutco sales representative in NE Ohio during a 2-month period in the summer of 2006 after he sold $30,000 worth of knives.


Daniel was one of the first graduates of Hack Reactor.

[undefined] Liebeskind graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor's degree.


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