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CryptoKitties are virtual cats that can be collected. They are bought and sold for Ethereum ​. [1]


CryptoKitties is a game built on the Blockchain ​. The supply of kitties is limited by certain factors such as reproduction rate, which decreases every time they are bred. [1] ​ The first generation requires under an hour of rest time after having a kitty; After 6 breeding cycles, the slowest generation takes 1 week between each breeding cycle before they can reproduce again.

The kitties can be bred with one another to create one CryptoKitty. The baby kitties are born into with a combination of their parents' genetics. [3]

  1. Some of the kitties were being sold for over $100,000 worth of Ethereum ​. [1]

The CryptoKitties have complex personalities and profiles describing their occupation, hobbies and interests. [1]

There are detailed character descriptions of the CryptoKitties. Some of the kitties are Dispensary ​ clerks, Metallica ​ fans, or Chanel ​ shoppers. [1]

CryptoKitties had >11% of the total ETH volume in the days following the release. It was a viral game that spread in popularity rapidly. [5] ​ this was worth close to $100 million in volume within 24 hours. [1]


Different kitties are more rare than others, based on Genetic traits ​ that appear less often. These can be Recessive causing the specific Phenotypes ​ to be more infrequent than others. [1]

For instance, there are some with large, glowing eyes, thin Mustaches ​that look like Salvador Dalí ​'s mustache. [1]

In addition, only 18% of the total genes have been released so far, allowing for a controlled introduction of new traits into the Gene pool ​. [1]

Because the genome is 256 bit, there are roughly 4 billion combinations of crypto kitties. The genetic code is a long hash code and it controls things like tail size, hair style, facial gestures, stripes, spots, whiskers and even the background of the kitty. [1]


The creator of the kitties was McElroy Flavelle ​, a Virtual reality ​ engineer. Another Software engineer ​, Nick Johnson ​. He was responsible for bug testing the site. [1]

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