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Crowd Cow is a website that sells beef to consumers directly from the farm through crowdfunding.

Business Model

Crowd Cow allows consumers to crowdfund and pool their money to buy beef from small ranches. The company sells shares of the cow with each customer receiving a different cut. Once the entire cow is ordered by customers it "tips" and Crowd Cow will buy the meat from the farm after it has been dry aged and packaged. Crowd Cow then delivers the meat to the consumer within a week. [16]


The beef is dry aged, 100% grass-fed, grass-finished cattle from the Boistfort Valley in Southwestern Washington. The cattle spend their entire lives on the farm, and eat exclusively the product of the land on which they graze.

The founders
The founders

The cattle are a cross of the Angus cattle and Hereford cattle breeds. Angus are renowned for their marbling and delicious steaks. Herefords are unequaled for their adaptability. [5]


The company was founded by Joe Heitzeberg and Ethan Lowry in 2015 [15]. They were inspired to start he company after both Ethan and Joe had trouble buying high quality meats at a reasonable price [5]. Ethan shopped at upscale stores and thought the prices were far too high with all the middlemen involved. Joe had bought directly from farms but found it hard to organize payments and buy in a large enough quantity.

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