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Colin Pape

Colin Pape

Colin Pape is an Internet Entrepreneur based in San Francisco.

[3]He is the founder of ShopCity.com and Presearch.org.



Pape attended Sheridan College where he earned a Bachelor's degree in computer science in 2011.



Early in his career, Pape founded Axiom Digital which provided SMBs with web application development, hosting, internet marketing, brand identity and domain management services.

[1]In 2008, Pape became Founder and CEO of ShopCity.com, a commerce platform for local communities and businesses.

The goal of the platform is to create an online ecosystem in which local businesses may flourish due to ground rules that prevent the system from being overrun by big businesses with little connection to the community.

[0]In June 2017, Pape founded Presearch.org, a next-generation search engine powered by blockchain technology.



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