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Clutter employees in action. [8]

Clutter is a full-service moving and storage company that uses technology to seamlessly manage the pick up, storage, and retrieval of customers' items. [11] [3] [5]


Clutter's mission is to transform the storage industry using technology to make the storage and moving process as easy as possible. Their service allows users to go on the web or place a call to Clutter to select a storage plan, with options for item storage, or storage that would fit the contents of a garage, studio, 1BR, or entire home. After the user selects their plan, they schedule a time for Clutter movers to come by their place and pack up their stuff. [4] [11]

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Clutter Full-Service Storage

Clutter handles everything, from the bubble wrap to the photos cataloging items to communicating the status of the storage process to the user. For example, Clutter lets users know during the actual packing process that their storage space is nearing 75 percent full, as the Clutter mover app measures items as they’re photographed. All of the customer's items are inventoried and photographed, so customers can simply order an individual stored item and have it delivered to them within 48 hours like Amazon Prime. [4]

As of March 2019, Clutter has ten locations across the United States and is working on further expansion both nationally and internationally. They currently have locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York City, Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Inland Empire. [7]


Photo of the founders of Clutter, Ari Mir and Brian Thomas. [10]

Clutter was founded by Ari Mir and Brian Thomas in 2014. They met as teenagers in Los Angeles but didn't become close until after college. They got interested in storage in 2013, after Thomas' mother complained that her storage provider raised her rate twice in one year. At the time, Thomas, now Clutter's "chief people officer," was finishing a MBA at UCLA. Mir had moved on from GumGum, an advertising network he co-founded. Both needed jobs and saw huge potential in storage after realizing that software and smartphones could turn storage into yet another on-demand service. They spent two years honing their plans. When the Clutter service launched in 2015, Thomas worked the first 100 jobs himself and quickly learned that people were willing to pay for a stress-free experience. [5] [6]


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Clutter CEO: Vision fund is an ideal match for us

In February 2019, Clutter raised a $200 million Series D round led by SoftBank Vision Fund valuing the company post-investment at $600 million. [11] [12]

Justin Wilson, a Vision Fund director, is joining Clutter’s board. He told CNBC the company thinks of real estate as a service and called Clutter a “novel model” that’s taking on the $38 billion U.S. storage market, which is mostly “just boxes.” Clutter lets users book space on the web, arrange for inventory to be picked up and have items returned when they’re needed, while also providing pictures of the stored items. [11]

Ari Mir, Clutter’s co-founder and CEO, said the fresh capital will allow the company to grow in existing markets like Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, expand to new cities like Philadelphia and deepen its investment in infrastructure and technology. [11]

In June 2017, Clutter previously raised $64 million in a Series C round, led by Atomico with participation from GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Fifth Wall Ventures. Sequoia Capital, which led Clutter's Series A and Series B round, also participated in the round. [6] [8] [9]

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