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Closet Fetishist (born 1986) is an adult fiction writer and video producer who primarily works on fart fetish and related content. The focus of most of his work is based in domination and torture scenarios. In his twelve years as an active writer, he has written over 100 short stories and self-published a compilation of stories. In 2018, he opened up a Clips4Sale store under the name The Fart Closet with the intention of producing more cinematic fart fetish focused videos.


Closet Fetishist was born in California in 1986. During his childhood he would have odd daydreams, often imagining himself or others as the unwitting victim of cruel fart torture. He would also picture himself as a proxy for movie characters he'd seen, such as James Bond from Goldeneye being tied down and farted on by his nemesis Alec Trevelyan or his sometimes friend Valentin Zukovsky. As he matured through adolescence, this obsession with fart torture remained throughout his bludgeoning though stunted sexuality but pivoted to female fart assailants imagined from the characters in novels by Tom Clancy.

With Closet Fetishist's inception into the world wide web, he quickly began to scour content ferverntly from Yahoo! Groups or a few other sources available at the time. One of those sources was a fart fetish focused website for a video model named Lizzy and self-proclaimed Queen of Farts. Closet Fetishist was a frequent visitor to the website's message boards but engaged minimally until 2005 when he posted his first short story titled "From Lurker to Storywriter." Closet Fetishist has often noted that Billyzen, a contemporary writer focused on many of the same dark story themes as Closet Fetishist, was a significant inspiration to begin writing his own stories.


Within a year of his first published story, Closet Fetishist had set up a website for his short stories on the adult fiction host His website would remain with the host until a significant downtime expedited a move of his website to an outside adult website host and adopted a new name for the website, The Fart Closet. In recent years, other aspiring authors have flocked to his website turning it into a depository for fart fetish fiction from a wide variety of writers.

In 2013, Closet Fetishist began working on creating image captions for his Fart Captions Reddit [7] and has over 2,600 captioned images as well as many other related photo manipulations and graphics.

In 2015, Closet Fetishist began and quickly shuttered a podcast on YouTube, discussing the fetish and his feelings surrounding the fetish. That same year, he began creating meticulous fart edits to some of his favorite facesitting videos on PornHub.

In 2017, Closet Fetishist opened his writing up to commissions from his readers and he soon self-published those stories into a compilation on Amazon called Kissing the Ring [6], the first volume of a commission collection.

The Fetish: Cyber-Slave to a Goddess

In December 2012, Closet Fetishist had caught the eye of Goddess Rosemary through his writing. She inspired the weary writer to push through his mental state and continue to work with a focus on herself as the subject committing these fantastic acts of fictional torture. The two exchanged email messages for years, often role playing vicious scenarios with each other for hours on end.

As years went on, Closet Fetishist's attitude towards Goddess Rosemary would continually fluctuate between interested and soured as he repeatedly lamented his strictly online relationship with a woman of whom he'd never even seen a photograph.

During this time, Closet Fetishist produced, shot, edited, and appeared in a short documentary called The Fetish: Cyber-Slave to a Goddess [5].

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