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CJ so Cool

CJ so Cool

CJ so Cool (born March 29, 1989) whose real names are Cordero James Brady is a famous American YouTube personality.[22]


CJ so Cool is an American YouTube star who was born on March 29, 1989, in Gary, Indiana.

His Childhoods was not a bed of roses. His mother was a drug addict[23], and his father died while in prison. CJ so Cool went to Theodore Roosevelt High School (Gary) in his hometown. He later transferred to William A Wirt High School, from where he matriculated. He joined the Navy and was assigned to the Presidential Guard when he was 19 years old. Cool later on enrolled at Purdue University to study Criminology. He dropped out in 2012 and started looking for jobs to support himself.

CJ So Cool tried many things in his life before becoming a YouTube star.

He used to work in Planet Hollywood and the United States Navy. He stopped experimenting with different jobs when he started uploading YouTube reactions to popular viral videos, try not to laughs, and pranks. His brother and wife have journeyed with him through his success.[22]


CJ so Cool created his YouTube channel on December 24, 2014. He previously worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer. He reached 3.6M subscribers in October of 2017.

Personal Life

CJ so Cool has a brother who is also a fellow YouTuber Anthony "Jinx" Brady.

He occasionally features his wife Royalty and Jinx in his videos.

He and Royalty welcomed twins named Cordayah and Cordero Jr. in 2020.

He has a daughter named Camari through a previous relationship and he is step-father to Royalty's children Leonidas, J'aaliyah and Karnation.[24]


His YouTube channel has earned over 8 million subscribers.


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