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Christine Adams

Christine Adams

(Christine Posing While on Set)

(Christine Posing While on Set)

Christine Adams is a British actor who has appeared on numerous American films as well as different Television series since 2000.

About/Early Career

Christine Adams was born as Christine Lily Adams in London, United Kingdom. She made her acting debut on an episode of Noel's House Party in 1998. Following her role in this series, she was offered various movie role positions at a fairly young age. Adams wrote a book titled''Representations of Identity: Canadian Girls and Pop Culture''.On television, she is known for roles as "Katherine Williams Osgood" on the British miniseries, NY-LON (2004); "Simone Hundin" on the American comedy-drama series [1], Pushing Daisies (2007) (2007-2009); as "Lena Boudreaux" on the short-lived ABC legal drama series, The Whole Truth (2010); and as "Mira" in FOX's science-fiction drama series, Terra Nova (2011).

Early Life/Personal Life

Christine Adams married her Spouse (David Young) during her early Career as an actress. She started Acting Classes while in middle school, she grew up in her birth place, London, United Kingdom living as she describes as a ''simple life''. In the early 1990's Adams came on a Visa to the United States pursue an acting Career, eventually establishing Citizenship. She often describes her uprising as an actor ''extremely hard'' and ''unforgiving'', Adams says being an African american trying out for a Caucasian dominant Profession was scary at times because she didn't know if she would ''fit in''.


Adams attended and graduated from Middlesex University in London, UK. Christine Adams has also attended various acting institutions including Stella Adler Studio of Acting.


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