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Christian Boyle

Christian Boyle

Christian Boyle pictured on Facebook

Christian Boyle pictured on Facebook

Christian Boyle was a resident of Blount County, Alabama. [3] [1] [0]

Personal Life & Education

Boyle attended Cleveland High School. [4]


On December 25, 2017, Boyle's body was found outside of his 2001 4-door silver Oldsmobile Alero on Cold Ranch Road. [1] [0]

Boyle had been missing since December 12, 2017.

Family members have spent the past 13 days searching for him and trying to reach him via cell phone and social media. [3] [1]

His father has been ill and Boyle had been calling frequently to check on him until his disappearance that day.

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His death is being investigated as a homicide. [3] [1]


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