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Chicken Derby

Chicken Derby

Chicken Derby NFT - Interview with the Chief Chicken (founder) and Ben Jammin

Chicken Derby NFT - Interview with the Chief Chicken (founder) and Ben Jammin

Chicken Derby is a game where users can own and race their own chicken to earn Ethereum (ETH). There are 33,333 chickens available on the Ethereum blockchain. Each chicken is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) with unique stats.[1][26]

It was developed by Bitlovin team, an innovative crypto gaming company.[2]



Chicken Derby is the first online NFT chicken game, where users can own and race their own chicken to earn Ethereum (ETH).

There are 33,333 NFT chickens available on the Ethereum Blockchain.

With just one chicken, users can enter and compete in races that unfold live.

Users earn ETH from racing chickens.

The chickens can also be sold to other owners for a profit or bred with other best racers chickens to create strong offspring.[3]

NFT Chicken

An NFT Chicken is what a user needs to participate in Chicken Derby.

In Chicken Derby, users can race their chicken against other opponent’s chickens.

Each chicken has its own stats and skills that it'll use to help it win the race.[4]


If a user’s chicken is skilled enough and it is entered into the right races, it may win.

When the user’s chicken wins, the user also wins, since every race gives a cash reward to the top 3 finishers.[4]


Each chicken comes from four different heritages.


A new breed from Malaysia that was designed for racing. They are fast, nimble, and hard to hit. There are few around but if you can grab one, you have yourself a strong racer.


From the palaces of the Ottoman Empire, the Serai-Tavuk (Fowls of the Sultan) were bred for their plumage. This exclusive breeding gave them unique muscle structure, making them enduring racers.


A chaotic breed from Europe, its true origins are unclear. Of either Dutch or Germanic descent, the Lakenvelder are known for their thick thighs, tenacious attitude, and wild nature.


An old Breed from Britain with roots back to the Roman Empire.

Sturdy and steadfast, the Dorking is a very common breed that does well on its home turf.


Each chicken has a perfection score, from 1% to 100%.

A 100% perfect chicken is a top performer of the highest calibre.

Normally, a 100% perfect chicken will beat a 99% perfect chicken every time.

But given the right circumstances, the 99% perfect chicken can win, as no chicken is truly perfect.[1]

In the initial run of chickens, all chickens will have a Perfection score of 90% or higher.[4]


A chicken’s stock is a rough guide to how far removed from its original predecessor it is.

There are 6 stocks, from Spicy, Robust Fresh, Crisp, Tender to Bland.


Spicy chickens are generally stronger, but not always so.

Stock is only one of the factors that determine a chicken's performance during a race.

By breeding smart, users can create offspring that are as strong or stronger than their parents.[4]


Each chicken has a special talent that if fortunate, they can perform during a race.

They might start flying to overtake other racers, or launch a deadly blue egg to take out a leading opponent.

Some talents are rarer than others, and their successful execution might mean a victory for the user’s chicken.


Each race track has one of seven terrain types.

Dirt, Grass, Road, Rock, Sand, Snow, and Track.

Each chicken has a single terrain preference and will perform better in races that have a matching terrain type.

If users discover their chicken’s preference, it can lead to more consistent wins.


A Chicken can be either a Hen (female) or a Rooster (male).


How well each chicken will perform in a given race is based on a variety of variables.

Heritage, Stock, Perfection, Consistency and Terrain Preference are the primary variables to consider when determining how well your chicken will do.

How important each one is will vary from chicken to chicken and from race to race.

Chicken Distribution

Some chickens are just naturally better than others.

To keep the gameplay interesting, the team limited the number of strong chickens.

Here is a breakdown of heritages found in the initial run of 33,333 chickens.

The strong Seramas are few in number, while the Dorkings are more numerous.

But a Dorking can beat a Serama, as heritage is just one of the stats that go towards a chicken's performance.





Racing Chickens

Entering A Race


Races are the primary activity for your chicken.

Each race consists of 8 chickens, each of which will try their hardest to win.

Race Distances

The following race distances are available: 100m, 120m, 140m, 160m, 180m, 200m.

The longer the race, the longer it'll take.


Each race will have one of seven different terrain types.

Dirt, Grass, Road, Rock, Sand, Snow or Track.

A chicken will typically perform better on a terrain type that matches its terrain preference.

Pecking Order

When a race is generated it is given a Pecking Order (PO).

Each chicken also has a PO, which is based on its Pecking Order Points (POP).

A chicken may only enter a race that has a matching PO.

Pecking Order (PO)

Pecking Order Points (POP)

B40 to 59
C0 to 39

Each chicken is given a certain amount of POP when hatched, based on its Perfection and Stock.

After a race, your chicken will gain or lose POP based on its finishing position, gaining POP if it does well, losing it if it does poorly.

So the more POP your chicken has, the higher its PO shall be.

All newly hatched chickens will have the Pecking Order of Chick and can only enter Chick races (which are free!).

After that first race, your chicken will receive its PO and shall be able to enter other races.

Race Fees

Some races are free to enter, while others will have a fee.

We retain a small percentage of each fee, which is used to build Prize Pools for the free races and to keep the game running.

The rest of the fee creates the Prize Pool for that race.

The fee will vary from race to race, but the higher the fee, the bigger the reward you get should your chicken place.

Prize Pool

The Prize Pool is split between the top 3 finishers.

The percentage that each finisher receives is as follows.

% Prize Pool55%30%15%



There are 20 possible talents that a chicken can have.

Common Talents


Where did this come from?

Description: Chickens on your tail and a weight slowing you down?

Well pull that anvil out of your pocket and pass it on to your competitors.

I’m sure it’s theirs anyway.

Blue Rooster

But I already have wings.

Description: Feeling tired and low on energy?

Drink a can of Blue Rooster energy drink, to make you feel alert and alive for 6 seconds before your inevitable crash.


Order now and get a free ball of fire.

Description: In the 14th century, as a cheap alternative to carrier pigeons, the Chickenapult was used to send important messages long distances quickly.

Few chickens survived.

The modern Chickenapult covers a much shorter range, but is 18% less fatal.


"I’ll be bawk."

Description: Capable of firing 600 7.62 x 39mm rounds per minute, the CK-47 is the weapon of choice for the modern chicken.

Unleash a hailstorm of lead to slow down the competition.


Ride with Coober.

Description: When running late, Coober is the fast and cheap way to get where you need to go.

Our Coober driver will pick you up from anywhere, and then drop you off somewhere else.


If I just think happy thoughts.

Description: Long since bound to the ground, the chicken has known only dirt.

But with enough belief, even the flightless can soar.


I ordered the XL portion.

Description: Using a strange potion created by the deranged Dr. Droob, your chicken will quadruple in size, giving them a steady speed advantage that will trounce the competition.


Whose the headless one now!?

Description: The only thing scarier than a trained chicken with a knife, is an untrained chicken with a knife.

Your chicken will wildly wield its machete, decapitating any nearby opponents who dare get in the way.


Why fly when you can glide.

Description: After strapping on their fashionable blades, your chicken will gain a burst of speed and shall glide forward with ease.


The melting of the first test subject, was more of a learning experience than a problem.

Description: An early prototype of Dr. Droobs, the short-range teleporter has the ability to instantly move a chicken up to 10 meters away.

Funding was dropped when the telporter was outperformed by 12-year-old child with a cricket bat.

Uncommon Talents

Blue Egg

I’m a chicken, I'm a gonna win.

Description: A hen exclusive ability, the Blue Egg will chase the chicken that is in the lead and take them out in a devastating blast.


Thankfully, chickens are not a flying type.

Description: The chicken burrows underground, protecting itself.

It then emerges, attacking another chicken.

80 Power, 100% accuracy.

Fan Group


Description: A flock of chicken crazed fans storm the race track in a desperate attempt to get an autograph from their favourite racer.

Your chicken will gain speed so as to escape the debauched devotees.


Charlie, Hotel, Kilo, November.

Ready to deploy.

Description: Chickens can fly, with the aid of a C-22 Osprey.

Your chicken will call down the metal bird that’ll safely airlift them, and maybe gun down an opponent or two while at it.


Chicken + Explosive Propulsion = Good

Description: This jetpack uses the latest high-speed poultry engine, with a top speed of 120mph.

Includes a 2-year warranty and a life raft for water landings.

Warning: Twin exhausts may cause those nearby to catch fire.

Rare Talents

Cold Snap


Description: A powerful spell that will send a chill to the tender bones of any nearby chicken.

They’ll be frozen in their tracks, allowing your chicken to take the lead.


200 million years of evolution, for this.

Description: Unleash the wrath of your inner dinosaur.

Your chicken will revert back to its prehistoric form and charge ahead and take out the competition.

This, is the land before chickens.

Moving Walkway

Why are they only in airports?

Description: A crack construction crew will quickly turn your chicken's lane into a luxury moving walkway.

Your chicken can recover their strength and glide past other racers with ease.

Very Rare Talents

Black Hole

A hawk taught me this one.

Description: The most devastating force in the universe.

Unleash a powerful black hole that’ll suck in your opponents, giving your chicken a chance, for victory.

Royal Procession

Make way for the Queen's Chicken!

Description: Roll out the red carpet as a golden horse-drawn carriage will guide your chicken to the front of the pack.

Physical Characteristics.

Here is a breakdown of each one.


There are 19 different-coloured chickens.

The colour of your chicken is primarily based on its heritage.

The Seramas are a strong red, the Sultans and royal purple, the Lakenvelders a natural green, and the Dorkings a traditional white or yellow.

Comb & Wattle

There are 11 possible colors for the comb and wattle of your chicken, though they will always match.

The different colors have different rarities and some are exclusively based on the chicken’s heritage.



There are five possible beak colours, 3 common, 1 uncommon and 1 that is exclusive to the Black chicken.

Each chicken may come with a beak accessory.

There are two possibilities, Vampire Teeth or a Beak Ring.

These are a rare occurrence and can appear on any chicken, but a chicken may never have both.


Common Eyes

  • Exhausted

  • Cockeyed

  • Beauty

  • Bloodshot

  • Bulging

  • Angry

  • Crosseyed

  • Shocked

  • Sleepy

  • Sad

  • Determined

Rare Eyes

  • Lizard

  • Eyepatch

  • Alien

There is one exclusive pair of eyes for the Robot chicken.


Roosters have spurs on the back of their legs while Hens do not.


These are the quantities of some of the rarer attributes.

There is the possibility of a crossover, like a robot chicken with vampire teeth or a striped chicken with a heritage exclusive wattle and comb.


Chickens With Stripes


Vampire Teeth


Beak Ring


Lizard Eyes


Alien Eyes




Classic Chickens


Black Chickens


Robot Chickens


Dorkings With Candy Wattle + Comb


Lakenvelders With Purple Wattle + Comb


Sultans With Gold Wattle + Comb


Seramas With Teal Wattle + Comb


There are so many possibilities and so many combinations.


Phase 1 – Egg 🥚

Launch of private beta for early adopters only.

Include Layer 2 integration for gasless transactions.

10% funding goal FUNDING SECURED

2-3 months after reaching the funding goal

Phase 2 – Hatching 🐣

Open beta to allow more races.

Chicken talents implemented.

Each chicken has a special talent they can use during a race to help them win and make viewing more exciting.

25% funding goal FUNDING SECURED

2-3 months after completing phase 1

Phase 3 – Chick 🐤

Launch of our private auction system to help users buy and sell chickens.

Breeding implemented.

50% funding goal FUNDING SECURED

2-3 months after completing phase 2

Phase 4 – Chicken 🐔

Additional race events to keep things exciting implemented.

Customization is implemented, allowing you to style your chicken how you like.

75% funding goal

2-3 months after completing phase 3

Phase 5 – Rooster 🐓

Fully funded.

We fire up the marketing machine, increase the race pool to allow for more races, add additional customization options, add race highlighting and airdrop our exclusive token.

100% funding goal

2-3 months after completing phase 4

Phase 6 – Farm 🚀

A multiplayer metaverse, where users can visit the barnyard, socialize with other players, decorate their farm, and show off their prices and collection.

This feature will be added as a bonus.


Bitlovin is created by the team of Final Boss Games.

They are well known for the game, Ganja Farmer with over 7 million downloads and have over a decade of gaming experience.

Bitlovin is a crypto gaming company that aims to combine the fun and experience of gaming with the world of crypto, in a meta world with digital products.

In Bitlovin’s world, users become “stakeholders”, which means that they not only play a game but also become owners of its game economy and earn part of the profits generated by the growth of the Bitlovin community.

“Our aim is to create blockchain-enabled ventures that are used by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years, and remembered forever.”


"We believe in a future where players become “stakeholders”, which means that they become owners of its game economy and earn part of the profits generated by the growth of the community.

And we are excited to be part of this historical moment."


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