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Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea Rustrum is an entrepreneur, author, community strategist, sharing economy expert, consultant and speaker based in San Francisco. She is the co-author of It's a Shareable Life: A Practical Guide to Sharing. [undefined]

Early Life and Education

Rustrum is originally from Rogue River, Oregon. In 1996 when she was 14-years-old, she founded the website Free Mania which provided free samples to consumers. [undefined] She attended California Polytechnic State University where she earned a BS in marketing and international business in 2006. [undefined]


Early in her career, Rustrum worked in marketing for ClickTracks Web Analytics.

[undefined] In 2011, she co-founded Startup Abroad which provided destination coworking for entrepreneurs.

[undefined] Rustrum for several years was a Glocal Curator at Collaborative Consumption where she wrote about news concerning the collaborative economy.


Alongside Gabriel Stempinski and Alexandra Liss, Rustrum was the co-author of It's a Shareable Life: A Practical Guide to Sharingwhich explored the emerging sharing economy and how people can participate in it. [undefined] The book was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. [undefined]

Rustrum is a Sharing Economy consultant for Sharers and organizes meetups for Sharers of SF.

In addition, she is a Community Igniter for Interdependence Events where she organizes monthly events and dinners.

In 2018, she became an advisor to Node Worldwide, a membership club for professionals in the blockchain space.


Rustrum is involved in the field of blockchain.

She founded the blockchain marketing agency Blox 7 in 2017 which advises blockchain companies.

In 2018, she founded the event series Blockchain for Good which explores the topics of shared ownership, value distribution, and regenerativepractices for a values-aligned economy.


Rustrum writes for a number of online publications including Hacker Noon and Shareable. [undefined] [1] She has spoken around the world, including at TEDx events. [undefined]


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