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Charly Maiz

Charly Maiz

Charly Maiz (born July 29, 1989) Marcos Paz, Buenos Aires, (Argentina) is a social media influencer[13], entrepreneur [2], public relations manager, and YouTube star. [1]. He is one of the first to adopt everything related to social networks and is an independent administrator of social networks.

Passionate networker, early adopter of everything related to social networks.

He is an independent social media administrator, an active Twitter user since 2007, his main account, @charlymaiz, has more than 16,000 followers and was one of the most followed accounts in Argentina between 2008 and 2010.

'Charly Maiz' is popular in many social networks.

As published on its website in November 2015, it had more it had more than 155,000 followers on Twitter [3], more than 100,000 followers on Facebook[4], according to the social rank of Alianzo, one of the 10 most influential tweeters in Argentina[11]

He is Founder of the agency Creativafish and RadioShock[5]; It offers advertising, public relations and promotion services for artists, celebrities, public officials, businessmen and companies seeking growth.

Comprehensive consulting services Streaming audio and video, to accelerate and properly focus the strategy and development of your business.

Web communication projects, based on that, will help transform your business vision or digital communication, taking advantage of new technological opportunities.

He is a member and founding partner of UERA (Union of Entrepreneurs of the Argentine Republic).

As event organizer was part of Twestival, global meeting of Twitter users met in more than 170 cities around the world to raise funds and awareness for charity.

He organized the event in Buenos Aires .[14]

Also part of the organization of the event TEDx Youth who convened 1,200 people in one day.

Organizer of Startup Weekend Travel and Startup Weekend mentor.

Activist and specialist in political communication 2.0[6][12] .

He has been a columnist for specialized media such as Message360 [7] and MPR Group.[8]

Founder of Politicos.com.ar Portal of Political News in the Argentine Republic.[10]

He is a benchmark for the Libertarian Party in the province of Buenos Aires, and Founder of Youth for Argentina (Jovenes por Argentina) [9] is a citizen movement that fights for the rights of youth


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