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Charlotte Clymer is an American writer and Army Veteran who in late 2017 came out as a transsexual in a series of Tweets that went viral. [1] [2] She is currently the Press Secretary for Rapid Response at Human Rights campaign. [3]

Youtube Video
I came out as trans on Twitter - Charlotte Clymer - What I've Learnt

Early Life

Born and raised in the state of Texas for most of her life.[4] Clymer has shared that ever since she was a little boy she knew that she felt more comfortable on the other side of the "Binary". [5] As she says in her own words:

I have known this about myself, in some form, from an early age. Maybe I didn’t know the right words. Maybe I couldn’t quite articulate the feeling. But I knew it deep in my bones.[6]

When she was a kid, she never felt like she was a boy or a man because she hadn't suffered enough to to earn it. With this kind of mentality, Clymer chose the destructive path of taking the pain she felt and staying quiet - to earn her stripes. She took part in sports activities. [7]

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Clymer attended the United States Military Academy, she received her B.S. degree in American Government and Politics. She also served in the Army. [8]

After her experiences in the military, she attended Georgetown University where she received her B.A. in Liberal Studies. She is currently studying to get her M.P.S. degree in Political Management from the same institution. [9]


For years, Clymer has made a name for herself as a writer for various publications. A lot of her content center on issues of Social Equality, and identity politics. She has attracted more than 100,000 followers on her Twitter page. [10]

Her work has appeared in GQ, NBC News, Quartz, and DAME Magazine, among others. She has been quoted in the following: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, TIME, Newsweek, and various other outlets. [11]

She is currently the Press Secretary for Rapid Response at the Human Rights Campaign. [12]

Personal Life

In the Media

In 2017, Clymer released a series of Tweets in a thread detailing her struggles with being a genderqueer individual and her coming out as a Transwoman. There were 39 tweets in total, and they went viral. She was stunned by the response. [13]

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