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Charlie Lee is a renown Computer engineer and Cryptocurrency influencer known for being the creator of Litecoin. [1] [2]


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Lee was born and raised in the Ivory Coast until he was around the age of 11. [3] He and his family then moved to New Jersey. [4] While living there, he attended and graduated from Lawrenceville School. [5]


After graduating from college preparatory, he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his BS degree in Computer science. [6] A year later, he would receive his MEng in Computer Science. [7]

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The Future of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Virtual Currencies.


Right after graduating from MIT at around 1999, he began working for Kana Communications as a Software engineer for three years. He attended Guidewire Software as the Senior Software Engineer. [8]

In 2011, he created Lite coin. [9]

He was the Software Engineer for Google for 5 years. [10]

At Coinbase, he was the Engineering manager and later to Director of engineer. [11]

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