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Cameron Washington (January 18, 1996), known by his stage name, Cdot Honcho, is an American Hip hop Recording artist ​ from Chicago ​ known for his rapid fire verses often mistaken as Drill rap and for his Social media ​ presence that has garnered millions of views. [1] [2] [3] [4] ​ He is currently an unsigned Rapper ​ and has released most of his music through his labels Honcho and Repost Network . [4] [5]

Gif of C-Dot Honcho from his performances.


Honcho is a native of Chicago ​ and the city remains his home base as an Artist ​ though he often travels throughout the midwest and the East Coast of the United States​. [6]  ​When he was young man, he lived mostly with his mother and his brother Marco. By the time he was a Junior in High School, his mother passed away after battling cancer. [36]


Photo of Cdot Honcho that has been shared on his social media.

Since he was a teenager, Honcho has been releasing music videos, songs, and other content on the internet. [7] [8] ​He first emerged on the internet as a young rapper from the streets of Chicago in 2013 when he was 17 years old. [9]

As a teenager in high school, Cameron became "C-Dot Honcho" and decided to drop out of school to pursue his rapping career. [37]

Early Days

Cdot Honcho dropped out and decided to release "Buss'n" and chase his rap career along with taking care of the household he now only shared with Marco. When Cdot Honcho's grandmother passed less than a year after his mother, Cdot Honcho got more serious about rapping and used their absence as his motivation. [38]

Cdot Honcho released his first song In October of 2013, later changing the dynamic of his skill in 2014 with the release of the singles 50 of Em ft Lil Herb and Honcho Style. [39]


Honcho's body of work and fine-tuning as a rapper and artist starts since he was a young teenager. [10] ​ He would later release many songs and music videos on Social media ​ which garner enough attention from the local rap scene. Each release increased the popularity of Honcho in his hometown of Chicago. [11] [12]

These songs built up the recognition of Cdot Honcho and what he has to offer to the Hip Hop industry along with other singles he made like "No Hook", "No Hook pt 2", "No Hook", "pt 3", "Aquafina", and "I Love", a track in which he goes bar for bar with a rap friend, Sumo. [40]

Drill Rap

His first project, "Honcho the EP", is a collection of 9 drill/rap songs in October of 2015. Cdot Honcho again built up anticipation for his next project with the single "Miami Flow", but it wasn't until the actual release of Honcho 2 (H2) in July of 2016 when he started gaining attention from other artists and a huge outpour of fans on social media. [13][14]

Honcho The EP

In 2015, one of his first self-release on the internet is Honcho The EP . [15]

Youtube Video
Cdot Honcho "Another One" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified.

Honcho 2

A year later in 2016 Honcho 2 would be released. [16]


On February 17th, 2017, he released H3 . [17] [18]


The album art cover of his mixtape, Takeover.

On November 25th, 2017, Honcho self-released another independent mixtape project featuring a host of different collaborators and producers. The release has garnered him more than a million views on his SoundCloud ​. [19]


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13 Cdot Honcho X Lil Durk - OTW [20]

Youtube Video
Cdot Honcho "Anti" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Music Videos

In all of his body of work and content that so far has reached the internet, one of the ways in which Honcho gained popularity is through his incessant uploads of fine quality music videos. [21] [22] ​ Some of his music videos have been released through World Star Hip Hop ​. [23]

His music videos have received millions of views. [24] [25] [26]

C-Dot Honcho with Lil Skies ​ and Landon Cube ​.


Kevin Durant ​ has C-Dot blocked on his Twitter ​ account after the rapper tweeted and expressed his dissatisfaction at the basketball player during the playoffs. [27]

Some of his frequent collaborators include Cole Bennett ​ and Rich The Kid ​. Other more recent collaborators in 2018 include Lil Skies ​ and Landon Cube ​.

He believes that no Rapper has ever died from having a competitive rap beef. [27]

He is believed to be an excellent Basketball player. [28]

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