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Carter Thomas is a California -based entrepreneur and creator/host of Coin Mastery [1] [7] (a YouTube channel, podcast and website) which is focused on discussion of and strategy in cryptocurrency investment.

Education and business

Carter is a graduate of Bowdoin College and claims past success in creating and later selling his own advertising and marketing businesses. He currently operates Blue Cloud Solutions [4] , an online marketing service which assists clients with creating mobile apps.

Coin Mastery

Carter's passion for cryptocurrency investment and blockchain technology in general is the central impetus behind the Coin Mastery program. Up-to-date information concerning cryptocurrency prices, market fluctuations and the underlying technology are available in both podcast and video format. Supplemental guides, conceptual maxims and spreadsheet tools are also available on the Coin Mastery website. Carter often explores the role social psychology and emotions have on the decisions of investors and he personally espouses the validity of setting personal goals and avoiding hype and herd mentality in the crypto-space.

His approach is informal yet focused and designed to be palatable to laypersons who are new to the ideas which underlie blockchain technologies and of cryptocurrency investing overall.

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