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Carlos Matos is an entrepreneur ​, cryptocurrency ​ investor, motivational speaker ​, and Internet celebrity ​. [1] [9] ​ His catchphrases on social media is, "Hey hey hey " and "Wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassup!" [1] [13]

He gained fame and became a meme ​ in 2017 in the cryptocurrency space after exclaiming " BitConnect ​" on stage during a keynote speech in Thailand ​. [2]

The Bitconnect Meme

My Bitcoin Life

Youtube Video
Carlos Matos's famous speech at My Bitcoin Life

In 2016, Carlos Matos attended an event in Thailand called "My Bitcoin Life" as a guest speaker. Before his speech, he claimed to have started investing in BitConnect ​ 137 days prior to the event with $25,610 and announced that he is reaching the $140,000 milestone. [5] ​ He subsequently announced that he is earning roughly $1,400 per day. [5]

Here is the full transcript: [7]

Hey hey hey . Hey hey hey . Hey hey hey . Wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassa-wassup! BitConnect!

Hey hey hey, everybody. My name is Carlos Matos, and I am coming from New York City, New York. Let me tell you guys today: I am so excited, I am so happy, I am really so thrilled to be here right now sharing this amazing, glorious, super and exciting moment of my life with all of you guys. And let me tell you that we are really changing the world as we know it. The world is not anymore the way it used to be. Mm-mm, no no no.

Bitconnect! Woo!


We are coming and we are coming in waves. We are starting and we are going to actually go all over the world. We are belting the entire world. Let me tell you guys that I started 137 days ago with only $25,610. And right now, I am reaching $140,000. Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, wassup!

And let me tell you that I am actually earning around 100-- I mean around $1,400 on an everyday basis seven days a week. WHAT?!

I am right now independently, financially independently... I am saying to so many people who said that this was going to be a con artist game, that this was going to be a scammer game. "Hey, you're gonna lose all your money." My wife still doesn't even believe in me . I'm telling her, "Look, honey these is real."

"No, no, no, no, no. That's a scam!"

And I said, "I'm gonna go to the bank, I'm gonna get my Bitcoins, I'm going to actually put it into dollars. Here they are right on the table."

"No, that's money that you took from another account."

I say, "What am I gonna do?!"

Then I said to my wife, "You know what?" When I am starting to put $10,000 a day on her, right on her-- you know, on her table," then she's gonna say, " Whoa! " Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, okay, that's real!"

So guys, I wanna tell you something. Faith and belief is the one thing that we will need to be able to change the world. And right now, I believe that, in this g-room, we have the seed, that's gonna germinate and that's going to explode into an amazing opportunity for us to change this entire world.

I am so proud, I am so honored, I am so excited to be here right now. And let me tell you something. That each and every one of you has the opportunity to become, by those amazing people that we know here from Vietnam -- hey hey, my people from Vietnam -- making so much money that they can probably have a real hard time counting it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So guys, let me tell you, I loooooooooooove... BitConnect!


On January 16, 2018, it was announced in several news outlets that BitConnect's price tanked, their website was no longer accepting transfers on their website, and that it was officially "dead." [24] ​ BitConnect had run a Ponzi scheme ​ modeled upon locking up funds in 6-12 month contracts with interest rates of 1-3% per day. The operation was transparent about this though, and many people had warned against investing in BitConnect, including Ethereum ​'s Vitalik Buterin ​.

Social Media

Youtube Video
Dylan Locke's "BitConnect EDM Remix" (FULL SONG)

Matos has taken to social media to post motivational and inspirational content. He has over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube, which is where he discusses his health and his personal life. [3] ​​

Personal Life

Carlos currently resides in Bronx, New York ​ and is married. [9]

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