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Ryan Brumberg

Ryan Brumberg

D. Ryan Brumberg is an entrepreneur and investor based in New York.

Professional Career

Brumberg started his career as an associate and later engagement manager at McKinsey & Co's New York Office. [1]

In 2010, Brumberg won a contested primary to become the Republican Nominee for the United States House of Representatives before losing the general election to Democratic incumbent Carolyn Maloney. He famously thumped all 2000 pages of Obamacare down onto the table during a debate with Congresswoman Maloney and then compared the document to the US constitution which he withdrew from his breast-pocket.

After the campaign, Peter Thiel recruited Brumberg to join Thiel's investment team in San Francisco. Brumberg returned to New York in 2014.


Brumberg graduated Order of the Coif (highest honors) from Stanford Law School and Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Columbia University Columbia University where he studied Philosophy and Political Theory. Brumberg further received departmental honors for his thesis on "The Democratic Religion." [1]


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