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Brandi Chin

Brandi Chin

Brandi Chin, 31, of Fairfield, California has gone viral after an outrageous video shows her angrily tossing a small black pug.

[0]The pug(the pug's is named Ben [2]) was thrown out of anger because of a heated discussion between her and her boyfriend.

[0]Her boyfriends roommate Seward said "She got in a fight with her boyfriend, and she got upset and she... I don't know took the dog."

[3]Brandi claims this is the first time she has abused the dog.

[0]However, Humane Animal Services of Solano County believes this may not be the first time she has hurt an animal.

[4]Police believe she might be hiding in Vallejo.

[4] [2]

The video originally posted to Facebook on December 19 by David Shields has been viewed more than 44,000 times since.

[2] Offered Sgt Michael Ramirez with Solano Co. Human Animal Services: ‘She doesn’t deserve that dog.’ [+]

*Anyone with information can call police at 707-428-7300.



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