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Brain Power (BP) is a token for use on Everipedia Network (EPN) that is given in return for users locking up IQ tokens for 21 days, a process also known as powering up [1]

Brain power is not a fungible or transferable token and can only spent during usage of the EPN by the staking account. Once an account’s BP is entirely spent, they must wait for the IQ staking period of 21 days to end before re-staking their tokens for BP to use the EPN. Otherwise, they can acquire more IQ tokens and stake the newly acquired IQ for BP. [1]

Example: A user has 150 IQ tokens. They can call the staking function to lock up their 150 IQ tokens for 21 days and get their account allocated 150 Brain Power to use for proposing edits, governance actions, and voting. [1]

The second feature of the article module is using BP for token holder voting of inclusion or exclusion of proposed edits in queue. The validation of articles goes through a validation algorithm with parameters that can be changed through a governance vote. [1]

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