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Boriska Kipriyanovich

Boriska Kipriyanovich

Boriska Kipriyanovich (born January 11, 1996) is a Russian indigo child who at the age of two began to tell vivid stories to his parents about his past life during the Lemurian Civilization on Mars.


Early Life

Born on January 11, 1996 near the region of Volgograd, he grew up in the town of Zhirnovsky District in Russia. His mother is a doctor who claims that when Boris was only 15 days old, as a baby, he could already hold his head on his own. At four months old he began saying, "Baba" and soon afterwards he began to say more simple words. At one year he started reading the newspaper.

At the age of two years he started drawing and learned how to paint six months later.

When he turned two, he started going to a local kindergarten.

Tutors immediately noticed the unusual boy, his uncommon quick-wittedness, language skills and memory.

Since he was 4 he used to visit a well-known anomalous zone, commonly referred to as Medvedetskaya Gryada – a mountain near the town.

It seems Boriska needed to visit the zone regularly to fulfill his needs in energy.


Boriska is considered an Indigo child. He stated in an interview that in his past life, he lived on the planet Mars. He claims to be from the Lemurian Civilization which apparently existed 70,000 years ago.


For nearly 20 years, he has baffled scientists with his knowledge about outer space.

He is knowledgeable about space and its dimensions, as well as interplanetary

Personal Life

Growing up he had trouble being in a classroom as he would often interrupt the teachers and tell them they are wrong.

He ended up having a private tutor.


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