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Bitfinex is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers. Since inception, its focus has been on identifying and advancing the capabilities of protocol-level technologies that meet the demands of a high-volume blockchain-based trading platform, both legal and technical, and Bitfinex believes it can contribute significant value to the EOSIO community through sharing this. [4]

The Bitfinex team is composed of 100+ industry experts, including a highly-versatile development team, technical support agents, legal experts and passionate industry advocates. The underlying goal is to grow the open-source nature of the decentralised digital asset space, achieved through intensive community development, research and collaboration. [4]

Bitfinex's vision as a block producer is that of a collaborative incubator, combining the potential of EOSIO with its experience to take EOSIO research, development and adoption to another level. The team has gained invaluable industry experience along the way, and aims to make use of this to enrich the teams around it - sharing information and providing guidance whenever possible. [4]


Public Presence

Website URL: [5]

Twitter ​: [6]

LinkedIn ​: [7]

Facebook ​: [8]

GitHub ​: [13]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @bfx [9]

Official Name: Bitfinex

Location of Company Headquarters: British Virgin Islands

Expected Location of Servers: Zurich, Switzerland

Types of Servers: Owned servers in an owned rack with around-the-clock, military-grade security

Current Employee List

Jean-Louis van der Velde - ​ Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Louis joined Bitfinex as CEO in 2013. A technologist at heart, his focus has been on collaborating with banking, regulatory & law enforcement parties to pioneer innovation within the digital asset space. [4]

Giancarlo Devasini - Chief Financial Officer

Giancarlo is the serving CFO of Bitfinex. Giancarlo has, since 2012, been instrumental in the development of Bitfinex, establishing banking relationships, attracting key personnel & re-domiciling the exchange. [4]

Paolo Ardoino - Chief Technology Officer

Paolo joined Bitfinex early 2015 and now serves as CTO, developing & managing core parts of the Bitfinex backend. Paolo has been building valuable tools & infrastructure for decentralised financial innovation for the past 15 years. [4]

Claudia Lagorio - Front End & UI Development​

Claudia joined Bitfinex in 2016 following 8+ years experience in UX/UI design and digital marketing consultation. She now serves as the Lead Front-end Developer for Bitfinex, focusing on pushing the boundaries of innovative trading technologies and user experiences. [4]

Kasper Rasmussen - Head of Marketing

Kasper joined Bitfinex in early 2017 as Marketing Lead, with a focus on global community management and the development of proactive and engaged communication strategies. [4]

Technical Specifications

To proceed, Bitfinex will make use of 2 servers (1 for backup) with the following specifications:

HP DL360 Gen 10 server.
x CPU Intel 8180M x 2 processor 28 cores and 56 threads per CPU (total 56 Cores and 112
x Memory 1.5tb DDR4-2666mhz
x Disc 8 x 800GB SAS 12GB in Raid 6 configuration
x Dual power supply 800 watt
x 10GB/25GB PCI fibre network card
x 24-7/4hr HP 365 Care Pack (for 3 years)

The cabinets are video and movement surveilled 24/7 with military grade access to the datacenter.

Bitfinex estimates that each server will cost USD 45,000 for the hardware and USD 1,500 per month for cabinet and bandwidth. [4]

Scaling Plan

Bitfinex will be able to add as many servers as required, adding flexibility whilst allowing it to scale in line with that of the EOS ecosystem. [4]

Community Projects


EOSfinex is a high-performance decentralised exchange platform built on EOSIO technology. EOSfinex will combine the scalability and potential of EOSIO with the financial/development expertise of the Bitfinex development team to deliver a highly-scalable, on-chain trading platform. EOSfinex has been designed with speed, transparency and scalability in mind and will be the first trustless exchange to be deployed on EOSIO. In addition to the development of a trustless exchange, Bitfinex will also lead the development of a secure and intuitive EOS wallet. [4]

SunBeam - an experimental Node.js library

Bitfinex is currently finalising ‘SunBeam’ - an experimental Node.js ​ library that allows for interaction with standard and custom EOS exchange contracts. Through offering basic order book and buy/sell functionality, SunBeam acts as the foundational library required for decentralised exchange on EOS. SunBeam will be entirely open-sourced and available to the EOSIO developer community, with the first release scheduled for mid-May. [4]

Hackathons & Developer Meetups

Bitfinex are excited to host a series of hackathons, developer meetups and open-source conventions to foster collaboration, innovation and research within EOS. Bitfinex will be casting its focus on the practical development of EOSIO to facilitate and accelerate concrete adoption of EOS technology, on a global scale. [4]


Bitfinex will we conducting a series of online/offline workshops to facilitate the adoption of EOSIO technology and development of a passionate EOSIO dev community. This includes educational materials, webinars, lectures, interactive development lessons and Q&As with key developers and thought-leaders. [4]

Open-source Development

Bitfinex will pioneer open-source development of EOSIO technology with a focus on technical infrastructure, network security, scalability and decentralised governance. [4]

EOS Incubator

Bitfinex will take on the role of incubator to fund, nurture and advise teams that are serious about the future of EOS and whose vision aligns with that of the greater community. The primary goal here is to share from its legal and technical experience, accrued from years of pushing the boundaries of the digital asset space. [4]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @ bfxtelegram [10]

Testnet Node Name: Frog​

Block Producer Roadmap

On April 23rd Bitfinex publicly announced its Block Producer Candidacy. [4] [11]

On May 10th Bitfinex hosted an AMA on the EOS subreddit ​ to discuss its ideas and development plans with the EOS subreddit. [11] [12]

Release of a transparent voting tool for use in the EOS Block Producer vote. This open-source tool will ensure integrity and verifiability with regards to the origin of funds used for the EOS Block Producer vote, and will be free to use for all interested parties. The tool itself will be finalised within the next week, ensuring sufficient time for community review prior to the MainNet swap. [11] [13]

Bitfinex is working hard on the development of a secure & intuitive EOS wallet to support the transition of EOS to its MainNet, as well as a number of high-quality airdrops taking place. Selecting the best projects will involve significant input from everyone and is something which will be decided on by the community as a whole. [11]

Bitfinex will provide full support for the upcoming EOS MainNet swap to ensure a smooth token registration process for EOS holders on Bitfinex. In addition to this, Bitfinex will be monitoring major airdrops on EOSIO so that funds remain secure and tokens are distributed amongst EOS holders as originally intended. [11]

Following the MainNet swap Bitfinex will set its focus on the development of educational content, both technical and conceptual, to facilitate the adoption of EOSIO technology and the development of a passionate EOSIO dev community. Bitfinex will be casting our focus on the practical development of EOSIO to accelerate concrete adoption of EOS technology, on a global scale. [11]

Bitfinex is currently finalising work on ‘SunBeam’, an experimental Node.js ​ library allowing for interaction with standard and custom EOS exchange contracts. Through basic order book and buy/sell functionality, SunBeam will act as the library behind EOSfinex and other decentralised exchange on EOS. In line with its vision as an EOS Block Producer, SunBeam will be entirely open-sourced and free for the EOSIO developer community to make use of. [11]

Bitfinex will be hosting a series of hackathons and development meetups designed to forster collaboration and spread ideas. The first hackathon is taking place July 20th 2018, with the location to be unveiled shortly. The goal is to facilitate an open and collaborative development community surrounding decentralised technologies, not least EOS, and Bitfinex hopes that many of you will join them there. [11]

Following shortly after all of this is the release of EOSfinex. EOSfinex is a high-performance decentralised exchange platform built on EOSIO technology, designed to provide users with an instant and intuitive non-custodial trading experience. The purpose of EOSfinex is to innovate within EOS, as well as provide a platform the research and adoption with regards to EOS technology focused around security and scalability. The planned launch for EOSfinex is towards the end of July, 2018. [11]

Position on Dividends

As an EOS Block Producer candidate, transparency will be a core component of how Bitfinex intends to operate. With proven, long-term dedication to the EOS community, it is essential for Bitfinex that the community will be able to monitor and verify the efforts it will dedicate towards the development of EOS. [14]

All proceeds made from activities within the EOS community will be strictly reinvested into the long-term prosperity, development and security of the EOS ecosystem as a whole. Any and all financial benefits accrued from its presence within EOS will be dedicated to the development and adoption of EOS - with no exceptions. Bitfinex looks forward to collaborating and supporting communities, teams and developers as they work towards widespread adoption. [14]

To entirely eliminate the potential for conflicts of interest, Bitfinex will take a strict stance with regards to vote influencing, and will ensure complete transparency towards the community to avoid conflicts and information asymmetry. Bitfinex will not offer payment, or any other form of benefits, financial or otherwise, to voters of any kind. [14]

Bitfinex's role as a potential Block Producer is not focused around generating a return, and any monetary benefits associated with development of EOS is a strict afterthought. Bitfinex will not charge for voting of any sort, nor offer the opportunity for monetary-based influence in the EOS network, and will remain entirely dedicated to verifiable integrity. [14]

Without collaboration, trust and complete transparency of operations Bitfinex will not be able to succeed and, as such, is approaching the role of EOS Block Producer with a fundamental focus on the EOS community as a whole. [14]

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