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Bill Mitchell, 56 in 2017, is a political commentary program host. [1] He is an outspoken Donald Trump supporter. Mitchell's career was as an executive recruiter when he began tweeting political commentary in 2015. In 2016 he launched his broadcasting career. [3]

In the 1990s he supported Ross Perot. An adamant Trump supporter in the 2016 election when most pundits and prognosticators were ridiculing Trump's candidacy and chances of winning, Mitchell emerged victorious with Trump and developed a following with more than 200,000 twitter followers and lots of views of his show on YouTube. [3]

Mitchell is 6'5" tall.

Early Life & Education

Mitchell lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was born in Germany. [5] His father was an Army colonel and a college professor. [5]

Mitchell graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in accounting and finance. He lived in various places before moving to Charlotte in 2011 with his executive search firm. He is a theater aficionado. [5]

Support of Donald Trump

Mitchell wears a large gold ring engraved with President Trump on top, Deplorables on one side, and Make America Great Again on the other. He calls it his “Trump championship ring.” [5]

MIT Media Lab ranked his Twitter feed the 26th most influential in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, ahead of Politico and The New York Times. [5]

In June 2017 he tweeted that "The Democrats' biggest problem is that their voters aren't russian to the polls." In September 2016 he tweeted that Trump had a 100% chance of winning. He's also tweeted “Jesus was perfect and the media of his day had him crucified.” And that "Today has been a pretty good day, but you know, they’re all pretty good on the #TrumpTrain. 20 months of winning" [5]

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