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Bigga Rankin

Bigga Rankin

Bigga Rankin is a celebrity DJ and the head of A&R at Think It’s A Game Records. Born in Jamaica, Bigga started his musical career as a dancehall rapper. Since he was always a chubby kid, they called him “Bigga.” In Jamaica, whenever you do something spectacular, the term “Rankin” is added to your name. He started DJing after he relocated to the United States with his parents when he was 15.[2]


Bigga Rankin's journey began in the early 80s, where he electrified the Reggae clubs of Chicago with his influential voice and magnetic energy. These characteristics soon expanded into the realm of R&B and Hip Hop when Bigga moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1986.[3]

Bigga is the founder and CEO of Cool Runnings DJs would forever leave his mark on the city as the number 1 club promoter and radio personality.

His glory was beyond his locality, eventually he was called to duty all across the U.S., even spreading his street gospel to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Island of Curacao.Thousands of fans have danced to Bigga Rankin’s shows during @BET’s Spring Bling, Black College Reunion (Daytona), Florida Football Classic (Orlando), Come Together Day (Jacksonville), Memorial Day Weekend in Miami, several Super Bowl events, and many more.He’s toured with Rap music’s biggest names including T.I., Young Jeezy, Juvenile, 8Ball & MJG, Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy, Lil John, Notorious B.I.G., Wayne Wonder, and a host of others. Bigga Rankin’s trendsetting ear gave way to one of the most powerful mixtape explosions in the south: the Real Nigga Radio mixtape series.[4]

With more than 20 years and counting under his belt, Bigga Rankin is known for bringing intense levels of energy and hype to the dance floor or to a concert.

So whether he’s spinning at a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall club, playing in front of BET Spring Bling Black College Reunion in Daytona or even behind the boards in front of thousands of partygoers, Bigga Rankin is the pioneer of the southern hip-hop movement in Florida.


Bigga is an highly anticipated ceremony DJ.

Bigga Rankin has been awarded countless accolades including Ozone Magazines Entertainer of the Decade (2000), Upstart Record Pool’s Lifetime Achievement Award (2001), TJs DJs Tastemaker Award (2003), Seagrams Gin DJ of the Year (2004), Hood Magazine’s On-The-Grind Award (2005), Florida Entertainment Summit’s Record Breaker of the Year (2005), and TJs DJs Hustler Award (April, 2006).

He’s graced the cover of OZONE Magazine twice, and has also appeared in The Source Magazine, Hood Magazine, The Hole, and several other publications.


Bigga has 7 music albums.

His Albums include: 'Sacred Money Don't Make Money' (2008); 'Project Melodies' (2017); 'Heart of a Beast' (2018); 'Bale Talk 2' (2018); 'Project Supa Star' (2018); 'Slept On' (2019) and 'No Days Off 2' (2019)[6] DJ Bigga Rankin has over 30 songs released.

His songs can be easily accessed on Genius (website)[5] Some of which include: Street Lights , Leesburg , Heartless , Crossed Out , Love Song , The Takeover , How Can I Lose , Japan , See Me Win amongst others.[18]

Social Media

Bigga has a large following on Social Media

Facebook,[15] Twitter,[16] Instagram[17] where he boasts of nearly 200,000 followers


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