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Bibhorr showing off his equation.

Bibhorr is an Indian aerospace engineer ​ and scientist ​. [1] ​ He is widely know for his invention in mathematics called Bibhorr formula ​. Bibhorr’s generousity to help a school boy solve his trigonometry ​ problems, made him arose as a scientific genius. His equation is globally acknowledged and described as “King of Equations”. The equation is also credited as the biggest mathematical milestone in the human history.
He is the youngest in his family. His elder brother is the first and foremost critics for all his scientific works. His scientific success partially belongs to his brother.


Bibhorr is an aerospace engineering graduate from IGNOU.

Bibhorr is an aerospace engineering graduate. He completed Bachelors of Technology in Aerospace Engineering (BTAE) from the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University ​ (IGNOU). He became, the only, hattrick topper in his batch by consecutively scoring highest marks. He was trained at Air India ​. He has done his matriculation from St. Joseph’s School affiliated to ICSE ​ and higher secondary from DPS affiliated to CBSE ​.

Rise as a genius

In the winter month of January ​, Bibhorr went to a nearby public park where he saw a school boy sitting on a bench who looked very unhappy and depressed. Out of generousity, Bibhorr asked the reason of boys’ saddness. To Bibhorr’s query, the boy refused to tell his problem and said, “You cannot solve my problem”. Bibhorr again asked the boy about his sorrow, to which he replied that he is not able to solve trigonometry ​ problems and might fail in the final examinations. Bibhorr smiled and asked the boy to visit the same park, the next day. Bibhorr went back to his house and realised that trigonometry can be made limited within a single equation without even requiring the complex transcendental functions. Bibhorr’s curiousity did not let him sleep all night and eventually his desire to help the boy, compelled him to invent the King of Equations – Bibhorr formula. The next day, Bibhorr gifted the equation to the boy and wrote a golden history in science.

Mathematical contributions

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