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Benji Travis

Benji Travis

Benji Travis, Food, cooking, and tea lover who publishes his tutorials, opinions, taste tests, and reviews to his YouTube channel BenjiManTV. He is originally from Marysville, Washington and attended Marysville Pilchuck High School. He surpassed 340,000 YouTube subscribers in December 2015. He and his wife, YouTube phenomenon Judy Travis, have three children: Miya, Keira and Julianna. His brother Julian works in real estate. He sometimes features his daughter Julianna Travis in his videos. [1]

Benji about himself:

"I Live Life to the Fullest.

Loving my family, Serving others and Experiencing the World.

I've been Managing a Youtube Business for over 8 Years and Have seen what Social Media can do for making your passion into a career.

I want to help people do the same through videos on our channel Video Influencers, Coaching/ Consulting and Speaking.

Passions are Food and Business!"[6]


Benji Travis completed his high school education at Marysville-Pilchuck High School.



Benji developed a passion for cooking and pitching speech at an early age.

However, he never thought that he could earn money out of his passion until he started posting videos on his YouTube channel, BenjiTV, on March 20, 2011.

Since then, he has never looked back.

Currently, his YouTube Channel has around 350,000 subscribers.

Embracing his deep-seated passion for cooking and speaking, Benji has been using YouTube as a platform for success.


As a tea lover Benji keeps posting helpful videos on how to cook certain dishes, and also gives tests, reviews, tutorial, and opinions.

Furthermore, he has not only uploaded numerous videos on cooking but has also discussed the kitchen gadgets on his channel.


Furthermore, in a separate episode of videos, Coffee Monday, he talked coffee-making with the coffee makers from CAFFELUSSO.

Similarly, in another one-hour long video, he presented his views on the topic Organic or Not?


Benji also frequently brings his family members on his videos.

He also keeps updating his viewers on ways to prepare healthy foods.

He has uploaded video on various titles such as “How to make Popcorn on the Stove”, My Favorite Seattle Grocery”, “FAQ of Coffee (How to us Coffee) and Q & A with Benji [8]

Personal life

Benji is married to another YouTube star Judy Travis. The couple has three children Miya, Keira, and Julianna. He frequently appears with his daughter Julianna on his videos. His brother Julian works in a real estate and Julian also made his appearance in some of Benji’s videos on YouTube. [8]

Benji has been scrutinized for some of his propensities.

He once received criticisms for showing favoritism to his eldest and second daughter and ignoring one of them completely.

Similarly, Benji once faced criticism from his fans after he consistently asked his wife for sex in their Vlogs.



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