Ben Sigman

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Ben Sigman is a developer, investor, and advisor who is heavily involved in the blockchain space. [3] ​ He is based in Venice Beach, California ​. [6]


Sigman attended the University of California, Los Angeles ​ where he studied Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. [3] ​ He earned his degree in 2005. [3]


Early in his career, Sigman was a Research Intern for Paramount Pictures ​, a Research Analyst for Insight Film Studios, and a Systems Administrator for Rough Draft Studios. [3] ​ In 2004, Sigman launched WeSolveProblems, an IT consulting, support, and security service for corporations, small businesses, and high-profile individuals. [3]

Sigman has built a number of blockchain projects. [3] ​ White Rabbit is an ICO Discovery tool and tracking app. [5] ​ Squirrel is a portfolio tracker for crypto assets with real-time price updates. [5]

Sigman is working with DNA (Crypto Venture Fund) ​ where he focuses on due diligence, tokenomic analysis, and strategic consulting. [5]

Sigman is a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation ​ and John Perry Barlow ​ serves as one of his biggest inspirations. [5]

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