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Ben Schiller is a Journalist​ and business tech writer who has covered topics such as social good startups, blockchain, clean energy, the environment, finance and economics. [1]​ He is formerly the Staff Writer for Fast Company (magazine)[2]

Photo of Ben Schiller with his dog.

In May of 2018, he became the Editor-in-chief​ of Breaker Magazine[3]


Schiller has lived in New York City​ for many years, and has also lived Prague​ and London​. [4][5]​ He continues to live in New York with his wife, Marilyn Donahue-Schiller. [6]


Schiller holds an MSc from the London School of Economics ​, where he studied the Cold War, Russia, Iran, Central Europe, and the US. He graduated in 2009. Schiller wrote a dissertation on the creation of Czechoslovakia during World War 1. [7]

Schiiller is a graduate of University of Sussex ​, Class of 1997, where he majored in English Literature. [8]


Schiller previously edited a European management magazine and was a reporter in San Francisco, Prague for The Prague Post ​, and Brussels. [9] ​ He joined Fast Company in 2011. [10]  ​

In 2016, he became the National Press Foundation Fellow at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona as part of a program on obesity called: "Obesity’s Toll: Get the Skinny on Fat". [11]

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