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Ben Malol (born July 25, 1994) is an Israeli-American Entrepreneur and Facebook Marketing Expert based in Los Angeles, California.

Early Life

Ben was born in New York City and spent his childhood years growing up in Miami, Florida.

Due to family issues, at the age of 9, he, his Mother and younger Sister moved to Israel to start a new life. Since his mother was always moving, Ben went to five different schools throughout his childhood, making it difficult for him to establish real friendships.

During his teenage years, Malol enjoyed playing video games and attempted his first foray in making money using the internet. At the age of 15, he earned a few hundred bucks selling various items on eBay. Malol would spend his free time reading books such as Tim Ferris' The 4hour Workweek as well as books dealing with internet marketing. Never one for academic school work, Ben always imagined himself living in financial independence through applying the methods he learned in his readings.

Since he spent his teenage years living in Israel, Ben was required to serve in the Army. Ben had other plans though and wanted to pursue his dreams of being an Entrepreneur, so he found a way to escape his mandatory service, and bought a one-way ticket to America without thinking twice.

Career and Success

Ben sharing his knowledge about internet marketing to hundreds of people

Ben found a sales job in Pennsylvania selling cosmetics in shopping malls and for the next two years, he continued his sales position, eventually becoming a sales trainer and moving throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York working and training in various sales positions. Ben was a big spender and was only able to save around $10,000 throughout his 2-year sales journey. With $10,000 to his name, he decided to invest it all into his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

He moved back to Israel where he met his former partner throughout various online communities. They decided to partner up and to pursue online marketing together. After gaining some experience, they found an opportunity in Austin, Texas to pursue eCommerce. Initially struggling the first few months making barely any profit, and sometimes even losing money, Ben took it upon himself to learn new strategies and try different tactics. Eventually, after months of struggle, Ben and his partner finally achieved a level of success that they were both satisfied with. [7]

After attaining a considerable level of financial success, Ben got tired from only focusing on financial gain and wanted to share his knowledge with the greater public. He transitioned to creating his own internet marketing academy, teaching eCommerce and specializing in Facebook ads, releasing various education programs that eventually grew to 1,000’s of students, and hundreds of success stories. In addition, Ben started his own Social Media Marketing Agency, working with 6 and 7 figure business owners, helping them reach more clients and increasing their revenue using his Branding and Marketing skillset. [7] [1]

Throughout his business ventures, Ben traveled around the world alone and with different partners, visiting dozens of different countries, including living in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and different states in the US.

Ben has become one of the biggest authority figures in the Social media marketing space, founding, and managing the biggest Facebook Advertising support group on Facebook with over 45,000 members. Ben currently has a following of over 100,000 people throughout his various channels, including his Instagram, Facebook profile, page, and group. [3] [5] [2]

Today Ben travels around the world (while mostly residing in Los Angeles) speaking in various Marketing, and Business conferences, while running his 3 companies, his education company, Its Ben Malol Here LLC, his Social Media Advertising Agency, MLB Media, and his various eCommerce stores, MLB Commerce. Ben is also partnered up with different companies and projects as a Marketing advisor.

Ben was featured in different media publications, podcasts and invited to various news channels to talk about Social Media Marketing including Huffington Post [12] , CBS [13] , Yahoo [14] , Entrepreneur [15] , B2C [16] , StoreYa [17] , Business Hacker Podcast [18] , Ask Brien Show [19] , Marketers Mansion Mastermind [20] , eCommCon [21] , and more.

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