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Bay Area Memes is a Facebook page run by Abraham Woodliff which shares humorous memes about the San Francisco Bay Area. [1] [3] [2]


Bay Area Memes was founded by Abraham Woodliff in 2017. Woodriff is a comedian from Vallejo, California in the North Bay sub region of the Bay Area. He created the page to share memes and humor about the area. In an interview he said, "I am telling the truth, I'm making jokes that people can relate to and see on a daily basis." [1]

Many of the page's memes talk about the Bay Area's major issues like crime, housing, and traffic.

"It's a comedic platform specifically catering to the Bay Area's working class, which I feel is getting pushed out," says Woodliff. [1]

"The people who made the culture are getting pushed out. People are moving to Sacramento or the farthest reaches of the Bay Area, or they are leaving the state. I have multiple friends that have moved to Texas, Oregon, and Arizona. It's unfortunate." [1]

The page has over 61,000 likes and 64,000 followers as of May 2019 and receives hundreds of user submissions a day. [2] [1]

"Honestly, this might sound crazy, but I was excited to get a thousand followers and it happened in the first month. Then it started spiraling out of control. Then I started to see that there was some real potential behind this." says Woodliff. [1]

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