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Barrie Law

Barrie Law

Barrie Law is an English singer and actor who first came on national television in the 1970s, becoming a notable figure in the UK entertainment industry. His singing talents surfaced at the Church of St. Mary's Elland, where he was referred to as a prodigy.

Early life

As a young boy, he was recognized by the choirmaster of the Church of St. Mary's Elland and was quickly inducted into his choir.

He also attended the C of E School in Westgate Elland until 1959.[1] As a performer, he sang with the Halifax Light Opera Society taking on Tenor roles.

Law later joined Gilbert & Sullivan again on a Tenor role in the Pirates of Penzance.

In 1972, Law started studies in music and voice coaching through an instructor from the London College of Music for the next four years.

He also worked under the supervision of the renowned London voice coach, Karl Lazenby.[2]

Law received more singing gigs in various clubs to pay off his private voice coaching classes.

Soon, his efforts paid off, and he was offered work at Scarborough Futurist Club in 1973.

After one year, he participated in a talent show at Wakefield Theatre Club and sang an opera aria from La Boheme.

Backstage London agent, John Bannerman, saw his performance and signed him to a five-year contract.

Law's soft nature was part of his persona which was visible in the early days of his career.

In 1974, Law sang for the seven-year-old boy, Darren Asquith, who had serious brain damage and needed treatment in Philadelphia.[3] A USA Halifax courier covered the story.

In 1976, he also helped to send the nine-year-old Tracy Brown to Switzerland for treatment for Retinus Pigmentosa, also known as tunnel vision.

Barrie lost his eyesight in both eyes because of an accident, but was returned to normal after six months of treatment.[4]


Law was given his first big break at Batley Variety Club in the mid-70s when he was heard singing at the local club in Batley, West Yorkshire.

Later in 1976, he was made a member of the General Secretary of Equity and was signed with the John Bannerman Agency and the Jack Denman Agency[4] between the seventies and the eighties.

His biggest break was when he sang at the opera in New York.[4]

Opera Career

Law was with the Halifax Light Opera from 1973 to 1975.

While he lived in Halifax, in 1975, he returned to live in York.

Law's opera career included:

  • La Bohem Opera (1978)

  • Carmen Opera (1979)

  • The Magic Flute (1981)

  • Tosca (1983)

  • The Marriage of Figaro (1985)

  • Madam Butterfly (1986)

  • 10-Day Performance in New York (1987)

Television Career

After returning to the UK, Yorkshire Television offered him an acting gig in the police drama called, Identerkill.

He was also assigned a gig in the Edge of Darknessmovie.

He also made his first appearance in Emmerdale Farm with actor Frederick Pyne, who was later named President of Equity.

Law was part of 37 episodes of Emmerdale in 28 years.

In 1986, BBC Television signed Law at Victoria Theatre, Halifax, in the Bluebell series, his singing career was put on hold when Granada Television booked him for Coronation Street,[7] and later Central TV on the Jimmy Cricket Show law's TV work was taking over his singing career.


His other acting roles include:

  • Jenny's War

  • The Glory Boys

  • Sherlock Holmes

  • Darling Buds

  • Only When I laugh, YTV

  • In loving memory, YTV

  • 321 Weekly series, YTV

  • Sorrel and Son, YTV

  • Bullman

  • Granada

  • Albion Market

  • Prizoner of Zenda, BBC

  • Coal is the dole, YTV

  • The Practice, YTV

  • The Burnie Winters Show, YTV

  • The Glory Boys, YTV

  • Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Central TV.

  • Heartbeat

  • Songs In a Good Cause, A Tour of The Clubs, Charity Work [9]

Writing Career

Law worked on writing books between his singing and acting career about the History of York and the Horse Drawn Travelling Gypsys.

Awards and honors

In 1993 Law received a letter from the Queen.[10]

Personal Life

Law lives in Yorkshire with his wife, Lynda, who are both happily retired.[11]


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