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Barbara Ann Moore (August 21, 1968 ) is an American ​ former playboy playmate ​, actress, humanitarian, Model, and two time U.S. Pro-Am standard ballroom champion. [1] [2] [3] ​ In April of 2018, she opened up to the media and the public regarding her six-month love affair with United States ​ president Donald Trump during the early 1990s. [4]

Selfie of Barbara Moore.


Early Life

Moore was born and raised in the state of Washington ​ for most of her early life. She was born in the city of Spokane and raised in Seattle ​. [5] [6] ​ She is a graduate of Monroe High School where she was a cheerleader. [7]

Barbara Moore modeling a retro 1950s look.


Flight Attendant

At the age of 18 years old, Barbara moved to the city of Nashville, Tennessee ​ for her work. She had just become a flight attendant for American Eagle Airlines ​, and for a few years, she flew all around the country. [8]

Modeling/ Playboy

While working as a flight attendant, she also expanded her experience in the modeling industry. While in Nashville, she started modeling and landing roles as an actor, dancer, and background extra for music videos for artists such as: Reba McEntire ​, Waylon Jennings ​, Hank Williams Jr., Aerosmith ​, Phil Collins ​, and Charlie Daniels ​. [9]

Barbara Moore in the cover of Playboy with Jerry Seinfeld ​.

After acquiring enough experience, she made the effort of contacting modeling agencies by going through the Yellow pages, and the number for Playboy was available​. When she found it she called them and said that she was interested in modeling and being a centerfold. [10]

Moore would go on to become a part of Playboy throughout the late 1980s and most of the 1990s. She would appear in popular photo shoots and several of their films.

She was the playboy Playmate for the Month of December 1992. [11]


While working as a model for Playboy, she would also appear in their videos along with other projects in Hollywood that she would become a part of. Throughout the 1990s, she started landing roles in tv shows such as Married With Children ​, Blossom, Silk Stalkings, among others. She also appeared in films such as Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery ​, Five Aces ​, Tooken and several others. [12] [13]

Barbara Moore in lingerie.

Ballroom Dancing

Moore is a two-time U.S. National Pro-Am Ballroom Dance Champion with pro partner Igor Suvorov. The NDCA Ballroom Dance Instructor was an undefeated champion for two years and has won 26 championships including 2 Ohio Star Ball wins. [14] [15]

Barbara continues to compete and form part of the Ballroom Dancing community in Phoenix. [16] [17]

Barbara Ann Moore photo taken while at Mar-A-Lago visiting her lover at the time, future president, Donald Trump ​.

In The Media

Donald Trump ​ Love Affair

Throughout the year of 1993, Moore and U.S. President Donald Trump would have a romance that would go on for six months while he was in a relationship with Marla Maples ​. [18] ​ The two first met during an event that took place at his Castle Casino in New Jersey. As the Playmate of December 1992, she was asked to do a photoshoot and fashion show by Playboy at the casino hotel in the month of March. [19]

Photoshoot of Barbara Moore in the style of Film Noir.

After the photoshoot, there was a cocktail party where she made several eye-contacts with the future president - Donald Trump ​. That night, the two had a connection that would begin a love affair that would last six months. [20]

In one occasion, she traveled to Mar-a-Lago ​ and stayed at his estate and became fairly intimate with Trump. The two were in constant communication over the phone and would talk for hours. Trump would fly her out in his private jet for outings in New York City and Florida. They would also meet at events related to the modeling industry in New York. [21]

Moore recalls a time when she and Trump had sex while her friend watched. [26]

She explains in an interview that she and Trump got along really well. [22]

Personal Life

Barbara was set to marry actor Lorenzo Lamas (2005), but they amicably called off their wedding two weeks before the date. [23]

Barbara Ann Moore and businessman Mark V. Blackmon (now deceased) welcomed their new born daughter Priscilla Ann in May 2007. [24]

Barbara Moore is a Premier Ambassador for "Beauty Saving The World" the global humanitarian relief non-profit charitable organization. [25]

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