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Bailey Powell is a resident of Virginia. He is the main suspect in the murder of his girlfriend Leah Adams. The couple had only been together for a few months. [2]

Murder of Leah Adams

Photo of B. Powell with his girlfriend <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/leah-adams-1/" data-username="leah-adams-1" href="/leah-adams-1/">Leah Adams</a> before the murder
Photo of B. Powell with his girlfriend Leah Adams before the murder

Police said a preliminary autopsy has revealed Leah Adams died from stab wounds. Her boyfriend is in custody and charged with second degree murder. The autopsy by the medical examiner’s office revealed Leah Adams died from stab wounds to her chest and her death has been ruled a homicide. A preliminary hearing for the Bailey is set for April 6, 2017. Leah's father speculated that Bailey may have been on drugs, especially since the couple had a good relationship. [2]

Residents living along Kerfoot Avenue said they heard Adams screaming for help at around 8:30 p.m. on March 25, 2017. “My wife came out here and said she was two driveways down lying on her side because she was bleeding from the neck area,” one witness told FOX 5. [2]

Photo of the victim <a class="tooltippable" data-mce-href="/leah-adams-1/" data-username="leah-adams-1" href="/leah-adams-1/">Leah Adams</a>
Photo of the victim Leah Adams

Adams was discovered bleeding in a Front Royal police officer’s driveway, who tried to help her. She was transported to a nearby hospital where she later died from her injuries. Police said they were originally called to the area for a hit-and-run when they discovered Adams suffering from serious injuries. At around the same time, officers also responded around the corner to S. Shenandoah Avenue for an attempted burglary. Police said that is where they arrested Bailey attempting to break into a home. Police also found Adams’ damaged car nearby.Neighbors said Bailey ran over a mailbox as he drove away. [2]

The first 911 call described a possible hit-and-run. When first responders arrived, they saw the extent of Adams' injuries. The young woman was taken to a hospital, where she died. The driver of the car got out and ran, and was detained soon after. The information police released on March 26, 2017, described injuries "that were not consistent with trauma sustained as the result of a vehicle crash or hit-and-run." Bailey was charged as a juvenile with second degree murder.

Adams' father said he was stunned that Bailey is the suspect.

"It's possible he was on some type of drug that made him go crazy," Robert Adams said. "They got along very well, so we were shocked to hear everything that happened."

The pair had dated for a few months, the victim's father said. He said he was torn between anger for the teen suspect and sympathy for his family. Robert Adams said:

"Part of me actually wants to hate the kid, but I have a really strong faith, a really good church, and part of me wants to forgive him."

Friends told FOX 5 they believe she was a victim of domestic violence.

“She was just trying to break up with him – that was it – and it led to another thing,” said one of her friends. “That is all what she was trying to do, just break up with the guy, and now she lost her life.”[2]

Frederick County Public Schools spokesperson Steve Edwards said in a statement about Adams:

"Like each of our students, Leah was a valued member of the Frederick County Public Schools community. She graduated from James Wood High School last year and had a bright future ahead of her. On behalf of Frederick County Public Schools and James Wood High School, we extend condolences to her family and friends." [2]


Bailey may have been under the influence of Lucy at the time of the incident, according to some Facebook posts. [8]

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