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Azad is a rapper based in Los Angeles, California. He is of Iranian origin. [undefined]


Azad Right - Enough Of You

Azad Right - Enough Of You

Azad was raised by his father, Majid Naficy, a blind poet forced to flee Iran for political reasons.

Azad would graduate from Santa Monica High School. [undefined]

Azad started rapping at the age of four and got his first real start at open mic events at L.A.'s Fairfax Poetry Lounge.

His earliest influences include Nas, Eminem, Tupac Shakur and Dr. Dre. [undefined]

Early in his career, Azad was known as Azad Right, but has since changed his name to just Azad.

He is the third rapper to ever be verified on Genius (website). Azad's most popular songs include "Enough of You", "Ready", and "Old School." He has released two projects,For The Hopefuland**A Very Emotional EP. [1]


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