Andrew Warren (Designer)

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Andrew David Warren (Born January 17th, 1993) is a designer, socialite and fashion fortune heir based in New York City ​. [3] ​ He is the founder of the fashion line, Just Drew and is the ringleader of the socialite group "The Snap Pack" which has been featured in major media publications such as The New York Times ​, Cosmopolitan, Business Insider ​, Teen Vogue ​, and others. [4] [3] [5] [6]

Early Life and Family

Andrew pictured with several models

Andrew grew up in New York City. [1] ​ is the grandson of fashion tycoon David Warren who started his fashion empire, The Warren Group, in the 1960s. [3] [5] ​ His name is inscribed on the “Garment Worker” statue on Seventh Avenue. [4] ​ Andrew's parents, Marcy and Michael, would sell The Warren Group in 1998. [4]


Andrew graduated Syracuse University ​ in 2015. [8] ​ He is the Founder and Lead Designer of the fashion line, Just Drew. [9] ​  He told business insider "I hope to take Just Drew to the next level," Warren told Business Insider. "It started out as a fun project while I was in college, and now that I'm done I have been taking it so seriously, and want to continue taking it seriously.” [6] ​ One of Warren's major influences in his designs is Andy Warhol's work​. [5]

The Snap Pack and Media Coverage

Andrew pictured with "The Snap Pack"

Andrew is considered to be “social media royalty” and is the leader of the socialite group known as "The Snap Pack" which includes includes Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s daughter Kyra, Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany, Magic Johnson's son EJ, John Jelly Bean Benitez daughter Reya Benitez and actress Bella Thorne. [6] ​ Andrew has been called the male Blair Waldorf and has been compared to Kris Jenner ​. [9] [6]

Andrew has been called Boy Wonder, New York Fashion Royalty, and the man about town. [3] [10] [11] ​ Andrew has also been named one of Americas most powerful under 25's and one of New York Magazines 60 reasons to love New York in their 2016 issue. [3]

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