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Amra Olevic

Amra Olevic

Amra Olevic Reyes, also recongnized as Amrezy is an Instagram Celebrity and Pinterest phenomenon who runs the highly famous beauty and fashion blog Glamrezy. She is a MAC artist who earned her own line with Anastasia brow studio.[1]

Personal Life

Amra wearing white jeans

Amra wearing white jeans

Amra was born in Montenegro and raised in the United States. After living in Bosnia, and later on for a short few months in Croatia, she and her family relocate to New York City. While living in NYC, she ended up move around a lot. She lived in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. She met plenty of people and attended numerous schools, and graduated high school in 2016.

She later moved to Los Angeles, California where she lives with her husband.


Shortly after graduating high school, she attended college and enrolled in classes for a few semesters but it wasn't something that she was into as she would always fall asleep in class.

She then decided to attend Make-up Designory beauty school.


Amra started her career working in Sephora, where she learned a lot about makeup products. She worked at Sephora for about a year and a half. Then she got hired at MAC Cosmetics. After leaving MAC she started freelancing. Currently, she got a lot of her clients through Instagram.[21]

In January 2020, Amra released her brand new palette in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

In September 2019, Olevic shared some of her thoughts on Twitter on being a social media unfluencer because she was "constantly see[ing] people bashing influencers" :

"Other beauty/fashion professionals slander our job and make it seem less than," she said.

"Whether it’s professional makeup artists, hairstylists, or higher-up fashion representatives, they say things like 'influencers don’t do shit.'"

She was then compelled to tweet in defense of influencers by first calling out those who were criticizing her and others.

She shared a brief list of the "hybrid" duties of being a popular online beauty personality.[19]

First, Olevic tweeted that she believes the "only people that discredit influencers are those that tried and didn't succeed."

She then wrote out the many job titles that she believes she and other beauty influencers hold at once: "A stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer, editor, creative director."

"Not many can do it & stay consistent.

Ion wanna hear no influencer slander again," she concluded in the tweet.[19]

Reyes said she was particularly triggered by people "downplaying [the] role in the world today" and "saying it's not a real job."[19]

In January 2020, Olevic teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills for a new eye shadow palette. On January 14, Anastasia Beverly Hills and AmRezy released a third makeup collaboration: the AmRezy Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.[36]

Inspired by her intense love of the color pink, Olevic said that she wanted to keep everything in theme with her nature, which she describes as "girly girl."

The palette, which is encased in a shimmery Barbie-pink case, holds 16 shades, including pink neutral "Anastasia" and vibrant turquoise metallic "Leo."

And though she loves all of the colors, personal favorites of hers include a light pink shadow with glitter called "Barb" (an homage to Nicki Minaj and the rapper’s dedicated fans) and a rusted gold with a silver shimmer called Gemini, about which she said, "I have to represent all my Geminis out there."

The AmRezy Palette will be available online at anastasiabeverlyhills.com through July 2020.


As of May 2020, Amra has over 5.9 million followers on her amrezy Instagram account and over 279,000 followers on her amrezy Twitter account. She also has over 78,000 subscribers on her Amrezy YouTube account with four videos.[8][12][20]

In the future, she wants to work with Mario Dedivanovic, another well known makeup guru.[21]


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