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Amir Bozorgzadeh (born June 27, 1984) is a tech entrepreneur, market researcher, and writer. He has cofounded several startups in the social impact, gaming, and emerging technology space.

Education and early career

Amir received his bachelors of Liberal Studies from York University in Toronto, Canada in 2006 and a management development certificate from Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia in 2008. He has been an avid participant of experiential learning programs such as the Co-Active Leadership Program held in Sitges, Spain by the Coaches Institute in 2010 and the Executive Leadership Program held in Amsterdam, Netherlands by THNK - School of Creative Leadership in 2016. More recently, he graduated from the Silicon Valley tech accelerator, Boost VC, in 2018.

Time Dirham
In 2010, Amir cofounded the first time bank in the Middle East with Shymaa Binbrek and Vasileios Klianis. In 2011, the social impact startup received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry for serving as an organization to contribute to the social capital development of the region.

Seven Quests

In 2015, Amir and Hossein Jalali produced a mobile strategy game called Seven Quests, based on Ferdowsi's 1,000-year-old epic poem, the "Shahnameh," or the "epic of the kings." The title was developed and published by Falafel Games on iOS and Android stores.


In 2016, Amir Bozorgzadeh and Hossein Jalali launched Virtuleap as an online global hackathon in partnership with Mozilla, Google, Oculus, and Samsung Internet. The annual event was designed to catalyze content creators in developing virtual reality experiences specifically with the WebVR JavaScript API. In 2018, the company was incorporated in Portugal as its headquarters and the United Kingdom as its holding company. The team leveraged modern neuroscience research to create mathematical models that infer emotional states based on a user's subliminal and unconscious body postures, gestures, and motion in immersive environments.

Personal Life

Amir was born in Tehran, Iran and raised in Vancouver, Canada from four years of age. He met his fiancé, Spanish native, Patricia Adrover Gallego, in 2014 during his 8-year residence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They currently reside in Lisbon, Portugal.

He has had a lifelong passion for psychological and esoteric literature. He spent a decade immersed in the psychological writings of P.D. Ouspensky, Rodney Collin, and G.I. Gurdjieff. He is currently a student of the collected works of Carl Gustav Jung and, by extension, the analytical psychology school of psychotherapy that was founded by Jung.


Between 2009 and 2016, Amir published hundreds of psychological musings on the human condition on his blog, Pandoic Thoughts[1]. He currently writes primarily for the Silicon Valley tech blog, VentureBeat, as a guest contributor on emerging technology and startup ecosystems.


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