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American Kidd

American Kidd

AMERICAN KIDD: End of Innocence is the the second volume in the non-fiction, autobiographical "American Outlaw" series, authored by the infamous outlaw Jimmy Maxwell .

It is a non-fiction, "coming of age" tale of survival, rebellion, love, adventure, violence, and death.

In "American Kidd", Jimmy Maxwell, takes us back to his very beginnings and carries us with him as he navigates the disturbing memories of his hard-won adolescence.

We travel Jimmy's world, living vicariously through him as we once again find ourselves on the rollercoaster ride that was Mr. Maxwell's life.

Experience one youthful pulse pounding adventure after another until it culminates in a truly life changing set of events, which is the End of Innocence.

This is the formative years of one of Oklahoma's most infamous inmates, outlaw and author Jimmy Maxwell.

American Kidd: End of Innocence covers Jimmy's tumultuous first twelve years, until he finally becomes old and strong enough to stand his ground.

Jimmy leads us through one exciting adventure after another.

Finally after fighting, his abusive step-father Jimmy is put out on his own for good - right before he turned fourteen.

Life got more serious and after a year of living hand to mouth he ended up running with some semi-big-time marijuana smugglers in El Paso TX.

He tries to protect their home when it's being robbed.

An altercation takes place before his friends get there to help him, which led him to need to flee Texas.

That was the end of innocence for Jimmy.

He moved back to Oklahoma, at fifteen where this book ends – and the rest if the story begins.

*"Maxwell's high-octane life breaks all the rules, along with with a few laws.

Told with wit and steely confidence, Maxwell's writings feel deeply personal and adventurous."*


Featured in easy to read print.

Adult language and content.


American Kidd: End of Innocence

Authored by Jimmy Maxwell

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)

Black & White on White paper

246 pages

Badass Publications

ISBN-13: 978-0997163223

ISBN-10: 0997163224

BISAC: Biography & Autobiography / Criminals & Outlaws


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