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Amber Cazzell

Amber Cazzell

Amber Cazzell Nadal is an applied social psychologist and writer.

She is the founder of her blog and video series, The Cazzell Report, and contributes to Hacker Noon.[-1]

Education and Career

Amber graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a BA in Psychology.

She earned her PhD in Applied Social Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Her dissertation was titled Partner Responsiveness Mediates the Relationship between Virtues and Ideal Self Growthand her Chair was Sam Hardy.


Amber's research interests include human morality, virtue ethics, motivation and positive psychology.

Her primary focus is studying how individuals develop moral habits, how conflicting motivations affect the formation of moral habits, and whether seemingly polarized character strengths counterbalance one another to produce moral behavior.


As of October 2018, Amber was a postdoctoral visiting scholar at Stanford University's Center on Adolescence.


The Cazzell Report

Cazzell launched The Cazzell Report where she films her interviews of people in tech about pressing issues.

Past guests have included Mark Nadal and Adrien Marie.

Also, she also shares psychology publications of colleagues about topics such as identity, addiction, spirituality, and self-written cryptocurrency articles under the tech blog section that have been featured in Hacker Noon.[0]


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