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The Color of You is a 9-track song project by American Recording artist ​, Alina Baraz ​, for her upcoming album. [1] [2] [3] ​ The release is a prelude to her upcoming album. [4]

GIF of Alina Baraz that has been shared on her twitter as part of promo for TCOY.


After several releases in 2017, she went on to work on a selection of songs that would act as a prelude for Alina Baraz ​ upcoming studio album. [2] ​ As opposed to her project, Urban Flora , the collection of songs in this record was more true to the moment. The recording process for her was more of a subconscious stream of thoughts. Whenever Baraz had an important feeling or experience, she would head to the studio to capture the moment. [2] ​ She sang what came out of her mind rather than try to depict. [2]

GIF from the music video for the song called, "I don't Even Know Why".


Baraz is a person interested in the human physiological aspect of colors and how they reflect along with imprint in the mind as a way to understand herself better. In this project, all of her experiences as a successful artist has given her a new color she hasn't seen before. The project is about understanding colors she never knew existed for the first time. [2]


Youtube Video
The music video for the song called, "I don't Even Know Why".

TCOY is a project that for Baraz acts as a timeline about her life in that moment and of her growth as an artist. In her previous release, Urban Flora , she was open about her negative perspective about her romantic relationship, yet in TCOY , Baraz takes a different approach. She made the conscious decision to reflect on what made her fall in love rather than out of it. [2]


1 Fallin 4:06

2 Floating (feat. Khalid) 2:54

3 High 2:47

4 Coming To My Senses 3:06

5 I Don't Even Know Why Though 3:22

6 Tainted 3:32

7 The One (feat. Jada) 3:39

8 Yours 3:27

9 Electric (feat. Khalid) 4:06 [5]

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