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Alicia Retto is Peruvian Journalist ​/ Presenter ​ best known for her appearances on the biggest broadcasting shows in Peru ​, such as Primera Noticia [16] ​ and Mas Mundo. [13]

Early Life

Alicia was a very spirited, outgoing, and adventurous young girl. From the ages of five to ten, she took Ballet ​ classes, and was an aspiring dancer. Her dream was to be a professional dancer in New York City ​. [2] She was always a very outspoken child and always participated in class.

From a young age, Alicia was encouraged by her family to pursue a career in medicine. Alicia, however set her path on Journalism ​. [2] ​ Both her father and grandfather had both been journalists. Her father, Willy Retto, died before she was born, when her mother was six months pregnant. Her father died in the Urchuraccay, Ayacucho ​ massacre along with eight other journalists. Many of the pictures Alicia's father took serves as evidence of the massacre. [2] ​ Though her family at first did not encourage Alicia's aspirations to be a journalist, they grew to accept it as Alicia was determined. [2]

Though her family's history with journalism encouraged Alicia to follow in their footsteps, she claims it was watching journalists on TV going on assignments that truly began her passion for journalism. [2] ​ Another passion of Alicia's is travel, she has previously stated that she loves backpacking and experiencing new places. [2]


She began preparation for her career at the Universidad de San Martín de Porres ​, a Peruvian university. She majored in Media studies ​. She then began her career at Frecuencia Latina where she started as a reporter and worked there for 4 years, from 2002 to 2006. She then began working for TV Peru from 2006 to 2008. She is currently working at ATV, and has been at the broadcasting network since 2008. She currently has ten years of experience in her field and hopes to accomplish much more. [2] ​  She is currently most commonly known as the face for the Peruvian broadcasting network ATV. [15]

Personal Life

She currently resides in an apartment in Mira Flores, a district of Lima, Peru ​. She was recently married to a Peruvian Lawyer ​. [2]

She is closer with her family, and has stated previously that her grandpa's advice throughout her career has helped her evolve into the presenter and journalist that she is today. [2]

She returned to the site to where her father was murdered in 2009, the visit was documented on the tv program 'Magaly TeVé'. She was able to visit the sites that her father had visited and stayed in the room where her father had spent his last night. Her father was murdered along with eight other journalists by forty villagers in Ayacucho ​. The journalists had been there to investigate a massacre committed by a group in a neighbouring community. [18]

Social Media

Retto is an avid social media user, she has Twitter ​ and Instagram ​, and Facebook ​. She has over 4k followers on her instagram [12] ​ over 12.5k followers on her twitter [11] ​, and over 10k [14] ​ likes on her facebook page. She also has an active LinkedIn [17] ​ account.

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