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Alex Niedbalski Sykes

Alex Niedbalski Sykes

Alex Niedbalski Sykes (born 19/02/1974) is a French-American lady who gained popupularity after marrying a famous American entertainer Wanda Sykes.[1]

Early Life and Education

Alex Niedbalski Sykes was born on February 19, 1974, in France. As of today, she is 46 years old. Her birth name was Alex Niedbalski Castillo but after Alex married Wanda her name became Alex Sykes. She has Frank, Eva & Ronnie Castillo as siblings.

The famous lesbian spouse was born and raised in France. Alex stayed in France up until she earned her Master’s Degree then later she flew off to the United States. She has French nationality and belongs to the French-American ethnicity that means she is of Caucasian Descent.

Alex attended her primary and high school in France. Later, she pursued a business-oriented career then earned her Master’s Degree in business and Marketing from ISEG Paris, business school, situated in France. She sought to be a businesswoman and has put all her effort into becoming one.[12]


Alex is a professional Senior VP of sales at Polycor. However, she is renowned to the world as the lesbian wife of a famous American comedian, actress, and writer. Alex is happily living with her partner in California, USA after they exchanged their vows. Although her husband Wanda is open to the media she has promised to keep Alex’s personal life away from media. Alex is living a normal life without any flashy red carpet events or paparazzi chasing her around. [13]

She started off her career as a businessperson in the same year she graduated with her very high academic excellence. In the beginning, Alex worked in a global company WTA (Women Tennis Association) that deals with women sports as a press assistant. There, she worked diligently for five months and in early 2017 she pursued her career as a sponsorship & marketing Assistant for France national basketball association. She impressed her colleagues at the work and over-achieved so she left FNBA in June 1998 after working for nearly 2 years. [14]

After quitting her job, she became isolated without a job for 5 years.

Then, the well-known processing and natural stone extraction company-Levantina Group approached her and gave her a good-salaried job as a sales and marketing professional.

She started marketing limestone, granite & natural stone for the Spanish company. This was by far her second-longest-serving position that began in 2003 and ended in 2007.

Afterward, she moved to another building material processing company which is Polycor.

All through, Alex has been seen to be obsessive about the manufacturing and processing industry, specializing in the marketing sector.

Alex is the current Senior VP of Sales of Polycor for 12 years.

She has inspired many of her colleagues and junior workers who are aiming to start a company in the field of marketing.

Personal Life

Alex married a famous American comedian and writer Wanda Sykes since October 2008 in Las Vegas.

The lesbian couple first met each other when the beauty of the French businesswoman was spotted on a boat with a college bag and a baby accompanying her to Fire Island in 2006 by Wanda. Then, Wanda instantly approached Alex and both found out that they both were homosexual.

They showed the unique form of love by getting married to the same sex even before the official approves of homosexual marriages.

The couple exchanged their vows with each other on October 25, 2008, at a private location in Palm Springs, California, Las Vegas. Alex wedded privately before only 40 friends and families Wanda could not come out as a lesbian due to her career and family.

The sparked in their life blazed when they became parents.

On 27 April 2009, Alex and Wanda became proud mothers of fraternal twins.

Their children are Olivia Lou Sykes and Claude Sykes.

This has given them a sense of responsibility.

Social Media

As a wife of famous celebrity and mother of two kids, she has been busy and keeping her life away from all social media.

However, her partner Wanda is active on several social media platforms like Twitter, and Instagram. She often uploads a lot of pictures of her traveling to various places.[14]

Net Worth

The Homosexual couple lives a luxury life together. Although, Alex has a net worth of about $1 million she is not living off with her partner who is a star earning about $6 million. Alex hasn’t disclosed her salary but the workers at her company earn at an average of $88,000 so she sure to earn more than $100,000. An average salary that a Senior Vice President of sales earns is $176,933 (according to the laboratory statistics). Furthermore, Alex along with her partner has a lavishing luxurious house in California. She has been quiet about the information of her cars, endorsements or any other assets.


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