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Alan Cheung is an entrepreneur who founded AKINGSNY, a fashion brand dedicated to producing avant garde cuts to the contemporary market, specifically focused on J-cut denim and high quality clothing and accessories. The company was founded in January, 2016 by Alan Cheung, also known as Alan King.

Alan went further to found CloutX, a private business development agency that focuses on marketing and apparel production. Most recently, Alan founded Fashion Week Online HK, which has been implementing a lot of his marketing strategies to grow the audience on social platforms.

Alan has been featured in a number of press including ABC News, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur, Fashion Week Online, Fox News, Huffington Post, Nylon magazine, NBC, The Source Magazine, Toksick Magazine, Pause Magazine, University of Southern California Trojans, and number of other blogs [1] [3] [4] [5] [6] [31].

Career & Entrepreneurship

Alan started AKINGSNY on January of 2016, but the history goes back even further during the his time at Milennimum High School.

Alan started making print tees when he was 15, which developed into designing and producing his first pair of denim when he was 17.

Upon posting the item on Facebook, a friend shared his post to Reddit on r/rawdenim, which quickly had thousands of people to flooding his site.

Although Alan was considering applying for design school for college, he decided to leave this path as well as his job at a medical malpractice law firm to grow his brand full-time.

Ever since then, AKINGSNY has grown extensively through networking on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) along with creating content through collaborations with influencers on these platforms. The brand held two successful runway shows since its establishment, and continue to grow its respect in the fashion community.


AKINGSNY is dedicated to working with artists, bloggers, and influencers including Chris Lavish, Mario Bautista, Youth Smhr, and Frankhavemercy to create a dialogue through visionary works and fashion.

AKINGSNY's key pieces include their collection of J-cut denim, which is specifically tailored into J-shaped inseams to ensure for long term/permanent stacks on the jeans. AKINGSNY places quality at the highest of priorities when it comes to manufacturing clothing. All denim are sourced from the finest Japanese and Italian Millls.


CloutX is a private business development agency that focuses its services in Social Media Growth, Experimental Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Apparel Production.

Alan has also designed a program for targeting new audiences on Instagram using algorithms that encourages real engagement with users that meet list of criteria that reflect recent usage and engagement on the platform.

While CloutX provides services to many up and coming fashion brands, it has client list that expands beyond the scope of fashion.

Portfolio includes:

Fashion Week Online Hong Kong

Fashion Week Online HK (FWOHK) was founded under the philosophy of fashion week being every week of the year.

FWOHK pushes boundaries on societal views and culture by presenting content that are not only relevant, but also engaging to the audience's perception of today's culture.

Readership of FWOHK includes over a quarter million people worldwide.

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