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AKINGSNY is an apparel company that brings avante garde cut to the contemporary market, with clothing pieces ranging from our unique J-cut Denim to collection of customized silver rings. The company was founded in 2016 by Alan King (Alan Cheung) ​.

Alan has been featured in a number of press including Huffington Post ​, BuzzFeed ​, The Source Magazine ​, NBC ​, Fox News ​, ABC News ​, Toksick Magazine, Fashion Week Online, Nylon Magazine, Pause Magazine, University of Southern California Trojans ​, and number of other blogs [1] [3] ​​ [4] [5] [6] ​​.


Alan started AKINGSNY on January of 2016, but the history goes back even further during the his early teens.

Alan started making print tees when he was 15, which developed into designing and producing his first pair of denim when he was 17.

Upon posting the item on Facebook, a friend shared his post to Reddit ​ on r/rawdenim, which quickly had thousands of people to flooding his site.

Although Alan was considering applying for design school for college, he decided to leave this path as well as his job at a medical malpractice law firm to start his brand.

Ever since then, AKINGSNY has grown extensively through networking on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) along with creating content through collaborations with influencers on these platforms. The brand held two successful runway shows since its establishment, and continue to grow its respect in the fashion community.

AKINGSNY is dedicated to working with artists, bloggers, and influencers including Chris Lavish, Mario Bautista, Youth Smhr, and Frankhavemercy to create a dialogue through visionary works and fashion [21] [12] ​.

AKINGSNY's key pieces include their collection of J-cut denim, which is specifically tailored into J-shaped inseams to ensure for long term/permanent stacks on the jeans. AKINGSNY places quality at the highest of priorities when it comes to manufacturing clothing. All denim are sourced from the finest Japanese and Italian Millls [26] ​.


AKINGSNY has successfully held multiple runway shows and popup events in New York, which have gained attention even in mainstream media outlet such as ABC, FOX, and NBC.

His Autumn/Winter 2016 collection introduced the launch of Alan’s collection of outerwear.  Outerwear in his Autumn/Winter collection featured the Anderson Kevlar jacket and the Buffy shearling jacket [24] ​.

On January 2017, Alan opened up his first pop up shop to commemorate his brand’s first year anniversary. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the event brought together locals and many creatives to not only view the items presented by AKINGSNY, but also to network with others [25] ​.

On February 4, 2017, Alan King and Frankhavemercy brought together their respective brands, AKINGSNY and F.MERCY, for their Autumn/Winter 2017 New York Fashion Week runway.  The runway included various pieces from AKINGSNY’s Autumn / Winter 2017 collection as well as an exclusive collection of garments produced in collaboration with AKINGSNY and the F.MERCY brand [23] ​.

Most recent event was the popup event in collaboration with Khoman Room ​, an apparel brand that works closely with AKINGSNY and Alan for production and brand management. The popup event was held in SoHo to present exclusive denim washes, outerwear, and his newest ventures into jewelry and luggage [22] ​.  His outerwear collection consisted of more intricate designs like faux fur jackets in black, grey, and purple colorways.  Alan King’s debut into jewelry started with his selection of .925 oxidized silver rings. He also introduced a collection of luggage and leather duffle bags with customized zippers engraved with AKINGSNY.

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