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Barbara Holder (Westbrook, Maine; July 14, 1963-Mexico, September 18, 2006), better known as Aja or Lucia Luciano, was an American pornographic actress and exotic dancer.

She also worked as a porn film director and as a physical conditioning (fitness) trainer.[1]


As the daughter of military men, during her childhood and adolescence, Aja moved house several times, spending time in Portland, Maine and Germany, until they settled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

She was introduced to stripping by a friend.

She then met her future mentor, Sharon Mitchell, and chose her professional name from a Steely Dan album titled Aja (pronounced similarly to "asha").

She was married to John Derringer.

The couple moved to California, where Aja began acting in porn films. Her acting debut was in the film Wild in the Woods (1988). Her then husband was the actor with whom she shared all her anal sex scenes.

During her marriage to Derringer, Aja had two children.

They subsequently divorced and Aja has not acted in anal sex scenes since.

In 1992 she took a break from porn and temporarily returned to stripping; her return to film was in two different roles, in front of and behind the camera.

In 1997 she started her own record production company, called Golden Orchid Productions.

In 2000, Aja and Golden Orchid acquired another company called Pleasure Dome Productions which she owned and produced.

In 2005 she declared her retirement from the business, and moved to Mexico, where she passed away a year later.[2][3]


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