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Ahmed Bharoocha

Ahmed Bharoocha

Ahmed Bharoocha is a Stand up comedian and Actor best known from the sketch group Dead Kevin.

Early Years and Career

Ahmed Bharoocha is half Irish Catholic, half Pakistani-Indian-Burmese Muslim, and completely an expert of interspersing hitting social critique with high-energy vain behaviors.

During secondary school his family migrated from Santa Barbara, CA to Rhode Island, where Bharoocha took the jump from Stitches Comedy Club dishwasher to open micker.

While going to the University of Rhode Island he frequented Boston's Comedy Studio, turning into a Comic in Residence simultaneously.

In 2010 Bharoocha won the Magner's International Comedy Festival and before long moved to Los Angeles, CA.

There he started creating week by week web shorts with Ryan O'Flanagan and Jack Robichaud for their Dead Kevin YouTube channel; the viral sketch threesome has since been included on Tosh.0, Funny or Die and named one of L.A.

Week after week's 2013 Comedy Acts to Watch.

As a performance stand-up, Bharoocha's celebration exhibitions remember Just for Laughs for Montreal, the Moontower Comedy Festival, Riot L.A., the Great American Comedy Festival and Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

Most as of late he showed up on Adam DeVine's House Party, Viceland's Flophouse and was given a role as an arrangement normal on Adult Swim arrangement Dream Corp.


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