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Adrian Wood is a British Barber ​ who has ran the famous Manhattan ​ barbershop called, Paul Molé, for decades. [1] ​ Over the years, he has given haircuts to the likes of John Lennon ​, John F. Kennedy Jr., and president Donald Trump ​. [2] [3]

Photo of Adrian Wood.

Personal Life

Mr. Wood was born and raised in the country of England. [4]


In his 20s, Mr. Wood would go on to get his education and training at City of Guilds of London as a barber. [5]

Photo of Adrian Wood cutting a man's hair.


Mr. Wood continued his training as a barber through hands-on experience. He  traveled around the world working in high fashion shops and 5 star hotels while perfecting his skills. [6]

Paul Molé

The barbershop where Adrian Wood works.

After moving to New York City ​ in the early 1970s, he was recruited by the Molé Barbers to run the shop. Adrian was chosen for his international experience and knowledge of new techniques developed in England. [7]

In 1978, Mr. Wood moved the shop to the corner of the same block, 1031 Lexington Avenue, where it still remains today. Today, under the ownership and management of Adrian Wood, Paul Mole Barbershop continues in the family tradition. [8]

In The Media


In early 2017, former barbers from Paul Molé, went on record to say that Mr. Wood subjected them to racism and imposing superfluous fees for each haircut. [9] ​  The barbers, Emmanuel Malayev, Pietro Oliveri, and Roberto Patane, opened their own shop following their experience at Molé. Mr. Wood would go on to accuse them of stealing his customers. [10]

Court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court said the three felt they could no longer endure Wood’s harsh comments, referring to Italians as “guineas” and to Jewish customers as "money hungry" people who cannot be trusted. The comment was made about a Jewish customer who forgot his wallet and returned later with his payment, the papers say. [11]

The lawsuit is still current. [12]

Donald Trump

Mr. Wood used to cut the hair of president Donald Trump during the days when he was a real estate mogul in New York. Mr. Trump would show up unannounced with his limousine and his guards would wait outside. According to Mr. Wood, Trump was very precise about how he wanted the haircuts, and his instructions were given in a such a way in order for Mr. Wood ever touching his bald area. [13]

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