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Adam The Creator (Adam Padilla)

Adam The Creator (Adam Padilla)

Adam Padilla, better known as Adam The Creator, is an entrepreneur, brand strategist, and meme lord based in New York City. [8] He is the Co-Founder and Director of Branding at BrandFire. [9] He was named one of the 29 best people in advertising to follow on Instagram by Business Insider. [4]



Padilla has been working with his partner, Jesse Itzler, since 2007.

He has directed projects for ZICO, NetJets, Pretzel Crisps, Tom Brady and RUNDMC.

His expertise in branding and popular culture has led him to appear on programs WPIX, FOX Nightly News, Bravo and CNBC. He is also a regular contributor to Adweek, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company.[9]

Adam The Creator

In June 2014, Adam started uploaded sketches to the Instagram account adam.the.creator, the first of which featured a man eating a woman's body.

Over the next two years, he would post sketches of cultural figures and memes such as Heath Ledger's Joker, Crying Michael Jordan and more.

Adam would post his first original meme in June 2016 and would continue to post original content.

[2] As of 2018, Adam The Creator was one of the few large Instagram meme accounts that posts original content.



Padilla earned a BFA in Computer Graphics and Interactive from the Pratt Institute in 2000. [8]


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