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Adam Neely (/ ˈædəm ˈneɪli/ ) is a bassist and composer based in NYC ​, best known for his educational YouTube ​ videos about various topics relating to Music theory ​. [4] [1] ​His most watched YouTube video titled Offbeat Triplets (the "un-performable" rhythm) reached 1.3 million views in a course of 8 months, followed by The Music Theory of Vaporwave with 947,000 views. Adam has 285 videos that have amassed a viewcount of 24,174,212. [8]

Channel History

Adam's YouTube channel was created on Feb 4, 2006, [5] ​ along with his first video, featuring a cover of Scott Joplin ​'s Maple Leaf Rag performed on a 7-string bass guitar. [9] ​ Since then, he has posted a range of videos including covers, lessons, Q&A ​'s, Gig Vlogs ​, and original music.

Adam Neely's Bass Lessons Intro [21]

Nine years after the birth of his channel in July of 2015, he posted the first video to a series called Adam Neely's Bass Lessons, where his intro theme including Re-harmonized vocals and a VHS style animation was first seen. [11]

Many of Adam's fans refer to his channel as the " Vsauce ​ of Music" [18] ​ for his educational videos that include references from various sources to cover a lot of information on music related subjects ranging from history [13] ​ to epistemology. [12]

Musical Groups

Adam posts original music onto the Bandcamp ​ platform in groups Sungazer, inside//outside, and his personal page.

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